Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today May 27 2011

The Napoleon Hill Foundation newsletter this week focuses on our thoughts of lack and poverty.

Dear Readers,

Thoughts of lack can bring us more of the same. Thoughts of abundance work in the opposite manner. Neither work, however, unless we believe in the reality of these thoughts. In order for something to negatively or positively impact us, we must believe in the outcome. Good or bad, we control the presence of thoughts in our mind. To me, it is amazing that conflicting thoughts cannot be present simultaneously in our consciousness. Once we understand this, then it becomes a process for negating the thought that we do not want present in our awareness. Next, this thought eviction leads to a habit. Evicting the undesirable thought becomes as mundane as sweeping the floor or dusting the end tables. Focusing on the outcomes that we desire causes us to create our future in advance. Truth in advance is like rocket fuel. It propels us with amazing speed toward our end result.

What do you really desire in life? It has been said that in answering this question a person needs to ponder what makes them happy. If you love the outdoors, but accepted a windowless office for your eight hour a day job because it pays so well, are you advancing or retreating when it comes to your very personal desires? Think about it. Does each and every choice position you closer to or away from your goals? Goals either construct or deconstruct your definite major purpose in life. Are you in the construction business or demolition business? It's for you to decide.

Time is of the essence. We never know when the sands in our hour glass will run out. Why risk taking detours and blind alleys? If our purpose in life is clear, then the road to our destination is revealed. Asking the Universe the simple yet profound question, "What do I do next?" usually keeps us on track. Guidance is there for the asking. The only expectation from the Universe is that you follow the advice by walking your customized itinerary. Not everyone wants to be a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, but for those who do it would be wise to journey down the road that led others to these professions. Success is not a single day trip, but the entire tour. Know where you are going before you embark and generally you will arrive right on schedule.

Be Your Very Best Always, Judy Williamson Director, Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center

Your Greatest Power By: J. Martin Kohe

One young man was a jack-of-all-trades. He was able to do many things well. Although he was successful in everything that he did, nevertheless, he never made any money. People could not understand why. He was ambitious. He was likable. He has a pleasing personality, but financially, he struggled year after year. Finally this young man had it pointed out to him just what his trouble was. He constantly made the statement, "I can do everything well but make money." Once he began to realize that his big trouble was simply a bad choice of thought . . . things began to change. Instead of saying, "I can do everything well but make money," he began to say, "I can do everything well, including making money." Within a few years' time this man's financial condition changed. He really and truly started to make money. He began to get ahead financially, until today, people say that he is a rich man. This man could have gone through his whole life doing many things well, but never making any money. As soon as he realized that he was CHOOSING THE WRONG THOUGHT, and did something about changing that thought, then his financial condition turned for the better. THE POWER TO CHOOSE brings about a much better and effective money-making power.

J. Martin Kohe was an attorney and author of Everybody Speaks, How to Become a Mental Millionaire, and Your Greatest Power. He lectured and conducted classes in Applied Psychology. The above excerpt is from his classic book, Your Greatest Power, and is available through the Foundation. Kohe addressed the fear of poverty and how this basic fear could be eliminated through the power of positive thought together with positive affirmations.

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