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In this week's Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today newsletter, Judy Williamson writes about the importance ofreading books. Jim Stovall also has an article about the importance of reading. He quotes the amazing Charlie "Tremendous" Jones who is famous for saying that "You will be the same person you are today, five years from now, except for the people you meet and the books you read.".

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Dear Readers,

Recently I visited Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, located near Charlottesville, VA. I was not only impressed with Jefferson's estate that included innovative architecture and gardens, but also with the emphasis that he placed on his library and personal correspondence. The only conclusion one could reach from touring his home and listening to the guides recant history was that President Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, took democracy seriously and wanted to educate people as to the process that would ensure liberty for them and for their descendents. The self-evident truths that Mr. Jefferson related are not always self-evident, or practiced, as we know from countries still having civil and foreign conflicts. But these truths are the cornerstone for advanced civilizations.

“Hear hear Mr. President!”

Thomas Jefferson gathered his ideas from books. Books were among his dearest possessions, and so dear, in fact, that he used his personal library as the seedling for the Library of Congress. This one act indicated that Jefferson valued literacy and reading as habits to be cultivated. The center of his estate was his library and everything emanated from the one room lined with books.

If we fear the loss of liberty, then we can either be frozen in our tracks or do something about it. Lost liberty amounts to losing our collective soul as a nation. History only has to be reviewed to comprehend what this means for a people, a nation, and a culture. Loss of liberty is unacceptable and can be circumvented through education, and education comes through reading.

Isn't it time that you read a good book that can support our country's collective wellness? Thomas Jefferson built our Declaration of Independence from wisdom he acquired in his area of reading. What will you create with your knowledge?

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

Sixth Basic Fear - Fear of the Loss of Liberty

By Napoleon Hill

Fear of the loss of liberty, the sixth basic fear, is the opposite of the desire for freedom of body and mind, one of the basic motives previously discussed. And this fear is prevalent throughout the world today, for we know that certain influences are constantly and deliberately working to destroy the hard-won liberties so dear to mankind. Men all over the world, in centuries past and in more recent years, have shed precious blood to gain and maintain the personal and political liberties which we now enjoy. They are not to be taken for granted or held lightly. A positive mental attitude demands that we make the most constructive use of our liberties and be ever vigilant in their defense.

One does not have to be a prophet, or possessed of any special perception, to discern the serious threats to our liberty which are daily gaining ground in the world. One of the basic ideas of the PMA Science of Success philosophy is that the American way of life, the democratic way of life, is essential to individual achievement on any level. Here is something worthy of your most serious thinking. We must be on the alert to preserve our liberties. Liberty is something clearly bought and preserved only by constant vigilance.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course: Educational Edition. Pgs. 101 & 102

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