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Dear Readers,

Many people believe that the opposite of fear is love. Napoleon Hill states that the opposite of fear is faith. He believes that you cannot be fearful if you are being faithful. Still, the great granddaddy of all fears, the fear of death, can come upon us and deliver a knockout punch that causes one to reel for months, maybe years. Once a person stabilizes, the overwhelming hurt recedes and the good memories begin to surface and this is where love enters again. Remembering the good times puts fear on the back burner and allows faith to rekindle in our hearts.

Death hurts. No doubt about it. It makes no difference if it is someone else's or your own. But, belief in the positive nature of the universe, the overall goodness of God, and the expectation of something yet to come can be positive approaches to confronting this fear of fears. However you look at it Death, it is still one of the Universe's greatest mysteries. It may just hold the greatest surprise package that lies in wait of our homecoming as well.

When our friends and family begin to transition, we look for signs from them that would indicate all is well after death. Recently, my sister passed away and I continue to talk to her in my mind. Last week, when I received some good news, a thought came to me. "I can't do things for you, but I can do things through you." I appreciate this message because it endorses Dr. Hill's concept that we must take immediate action to kick in the assistance of the Universe. My sister can only work through me now, but I can also aid in keeping her memory alive by acting in her behalf. Isn't life a wonderful, reciprocal process? The good that we do is the only thing that we can take with us at the end of life, and possibly the only thing we can give back.

Our guest columnist, Andy Bienkowski, discusses this concept in his wonderful book mentioned below. Many life lessons can be learned from his experiences. Consider reading it. It will make for a better understanding of the death and living process.?

Be Your Very Best Always,Judy WilliamsonDirector of the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center at Purdue Calumet

Seventh Basic Fear - Fear of Death

The fear of death, the seventh and last basic fear, is the grandfather of them all. This one is always difficult to whip because of the complex background of the social inheritance of many people. This is really a very strong fear - and a universal one.

From the beginning of time mankind has sought the answers to the questions: "Whence have I come?" and "Whither am I going?" There is a tendency to fear anything which we do not understand and for which we do not have complete, absolute answers. How can we overcome this fear?

Well, all the author can do is to tell you how he has succeeded in keeping this fear quieted within himself. He analyzed what we call life, and what we call death, by observing the way nature works. He found that there are only a few things in the entire universe which can be recognized and isolated. These are time and space, energy and matter, and back of them all: intelligence. These five things are all nature has to work with, and a study of elementary physics reveals that one can neither create nor destroy energy or matter. These two elements may be transformed from one form into the other, but they cannot be destroyed. Life is energy, if it is anything. If you cannot create or destroy energy, you can't destroy life; and nature doesn't destroy it either. That which we call life, like other forms of energy, may pass through successive changes or transitions, but it cannot be destroyed. Death, or the change we thus designate, is probably only a transition.

So the author said to himself: "Death is probably one of two things: either death is just one long eternal sleep, or else, if it isn't sleep, it's an experience on some plane far better than we have on this earth. In either event, there is nothing to fear because it's going to come anyway."

Source: PMA Science of Success Course: Educational Edition. Pgs. 102 & 103

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Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today July 8 2011

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