Napoleon Hill Foundation Ezine for September 2, 2011

This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation ezine focuses on the emotion of fear and how to replace fear with faith.

Dear Readers,

Are the fears that are holding you back real or are they figments of your imagination? If you are brutally honest with yourself you will admit that most often the details that you worry about are created in your daydreams. As we "worry" we begin to spin a mental yarn that escalates out of control until we manage to frighten even ourselves. As we storyboard fear, we literally can cause ourselves to be frozen in our tracks.

Sometimes we can even witness family or friends using this tactic on themselves. A story is created and "what ifs" are added and before you know it fear rears its head in monstrous fashion. Literally, a person can arouse fear just by thinking intensely about it. Our minds have great powers and when we use our power of visualization to create what we want to avoid, we actually are allowing those negative mental pictures to come closer and closer to our reality.

When we recognize this negative tendency, can we reverse the downward spiral? Absolutely! Simply catch yourself being negative and say silently or out loud "Stop It!" Then, replace that negative thought with something good that may as easily happen. For example, a person may be fearful about an upcoming meeting or work situation. Instead of envisioning the worst that might happen, shift gears and imagine the best possible outcome and even make a game of it. When you trick yourself into thinking positively you will realize that by thinking negatively you were being the butt of your own joke. Fear causes us to act fearfully, and fearful actions usually produce fearful results.

Just for today give up a negative addiction. Catch yourself being negative in your thought process. Refuse to indulge in fear-based thoughts. Stop negative thoughts before they filter into your reality. Be faithful instead of fearful and you will see a change in not only your worldview but your world in a very short time.

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center

Say Yes to Success and No to Fear

By Raven Blair Davis

s fear stopping you from achieving your dreams?

I've always been a big dreamer but many times I let the fear of success or failure get in my way. Sometimes I even gave up on my goal or dream. In the past five years I have interviewed many 'thought leaders' the likes of Dr. JB Hill, Diana Nightingale (Earl Nightingale's widow), Jack Canfield, and Lisa Nichols. While interviewing them, I listen to their every word. Through their words I learned to shake the fear that gripped me at the time and replace it with books and audios that gave me the belief and courage I needed to take the actions that allowed me to reach my dream or goal. It is through these trials that I have discovered that we often give up right when we are so close to realizing what we truly desire and deserve. That 4 letter word 'fear' pops up, and before you know it we stop believing in ourselves and literally freeze in fear.

Recently, I experienced a significant change in my business. It scared me so badly that for almost an entire week all I could do is sit and stare straight ahead. I was totally confused as to how I was going to take this negative change and turn it into a positive one. During that time I experienced self-pity, self-doubt and disbelief in who I had become and what I had to offer to the world. Because of how I was feeling, I was completely frozen in my self-inflicted fear, which left me feeling entirely hopeless. I took no action to find a winning solution.

I began to notice the conversations I was having with myself and others were so....negatively slanted. Finally, I just wanted to bury my head in the sand. I just wanted to pretend that what was going on was not really happening. Then I began to realize that I had utterly lost it. Fear was completely taking over. I knew that in order for things to change, I must step out of the 'fear stage' and instead move into 'inspired action.' I needed to create a winning solution and create it quickly, or I might lose all that I worked so hard for these past five years.

I remembered that Napoleon Hill once said: "The starting point of all achievement is desire." And I strongly desired to pull myself out of what seemed to be a sinking ship. I needed to say "Yes to success," and "No to fear!"

As I began to listen, once again, to some of my favorite interviews that I had hosted and plugged into the various audios and books I had accumulated during the years, I begin to see a glimmer of light. I began to hear that small voice inside me that said, "Yes You Can." I was not a victim of my circumstances. As Willy Jolley is known for saying, "A Set Back is A Set Up for A Comeback." I always loved that quote. Suddenly, I had the urge to search and find Willy Jolley and ask him questions that would help me with that "great come back" he spoke about. So, the search began. Because I stepped out of fear into belief I attracted another dream interview and this time it would be the Come Back Man himself!

During the interview I felt empowered, inspired and extremely motivated to stop starring into space and asking myself how could I overcome this? Instead, I started asking myself what I needed to do to change the outcome and turn this negative situation into something better than positive--something simply AMAZING.

I was on my way because I had eliminated feeling fearful and stopped all the negative talk. I began to formulate a masterful plan. It was so simple, how could I have let myself fall so hard? All I needed to do and what I should do began to come into focus when I went back and listened to Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, as well as other great thought masters' words. It all changed when I took action by picking up the phone and calling Mr. Jolley's office to ask for the interview. In closing I'd like to leave you with two great quotes by Napoleon Hill. "Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop," and "Before success comes in any man's life, he's sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures." When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That's exactly what the majority of us do.

Remember you are not among the majority. Know that you have given yourself permission to succeed. The only thing standing in the way of turning your dreams into reality is that you either are afraid of defeat or failure or afraid of being the success you are meant and deserving to be. Now it is the time for you to start saying no to fear and yes to success.

I'll see you at the top!

Raven Blair Davis is a woman who, after many years of searching for her purpose, is fulfilling her lifelong dream. That dream, twenty years in the making, was realized April 23, 2006 when she broadcast her first radio show right from her own kitchen table. As an award winning talk show host (named Universal 7 Radio Network's "Talk Show Host of the Year" award in 2008), celebrity interviewer, columnist, speaker, author and executive producer of multiple radio shows, both live, on air and on the Internet, Raven has proven that the power of one's voice can pave the road to success.

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