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This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today ezine has an article by Judy Williamson about mentors and being mentored. Pete DeLorenzo, a nationally recognized comedian and humanitarin, among many other things, also writes about mentors.

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Dear Readers,

A mentor is a person who wishes to share "the secrets of the ages" with a special person who is deemed worthy. How does a person acquire the "status" of being worthy? That's for the mentor to decide - not the student. If you have been mentored by someone, consider yourself lucky because you are in that slim category of people who have attracted someone's attention.

Maybe you have been selected because of your work ethic, your willingness to go the extra mile, you persistence in getting things done, your determination not to quit when confronted with adversity, or your innate intelligence. Regardless of the reason, you have caught someone's attention and they want to pass on their wisdom and success tips to you. This is a unique opportunity if you decide to participate. This legacy of life's lessons cannot be assimilated by just anyone. As Napoleon Hill states, the individual must be ready to receive the information.

Mentorship predisposes you to the accumulated life experiences of someone who wants to pass on what they have learned for the sake of posterity. It's wisdom that money cannot buy, and therefore that makes it invaluable. Never dismiss a person's desire to mentor you by asking, "What could he or she possibly have to teach me?" Sometimes, people are brought together because there is a recognition or similarity in life's purpose. You resonant with the person for some reason and you remind the mentor of who they once were and see you becoming.

If you have been selected, consider yourself special and follow these simple rules:

1. Listen, listen, listen. This is not a dialogue, but a monologue. You learn more when you listen.2. Apply what you have received. Application is the glue that binds knowledge to result. You only get results by doing, not thinking.3. Pass it on. What you receive, you are required to gift again. Never hoard your knowledge and experience. Share and duplicate for greater results.4. Express gratitude for what you have received. Thankfulness returns to you one-hundredfold. Be thankful.

These actions will jumpstart your success journey. And, remember to thank your mentor for showing you the hidden pathway!

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center At Purdue University Calumet.

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