"Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement" - Napoleon Hill

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The Napoleon Hill Foundation iPhone and iPad App

The Napoleon Hill Foundation's Executive Director, Don Green, recently announced that the Foundation now has an iPhone and iPad app. You can find it in the App Store under Success Movie.

The app allows you to download pictures and insert motivational quotes, pictures, and music to create your own personal Success Movie.

Read the email announcement I received from Don Green below:

Dear Tom,

Yesterday, Judy, Dr. JB Hill, Shane, and I had a conference call and your name came up; it reminded me that I had not been in touch in a short while. I still tell people of the wonderful talk you gave in Malaysia.

As of a couple days ago, an App became a reality with Apple in the Apple Store if you have an I-Phone or I-Pad. We started work with a company in England almost a year ago.

For a cost of $5.99 you can go on the Apple Store and put in Success Movie, and it allows one to create their own movie of their favorite pictures, music, quotes, etc. My idea behind the project was to create something that the person could play over and over until it becomes a part of our sub conscious--kinda like learning our ABC's by repeating them.

I value your opinion and appreciate your support.


Don M. Green

Executive Director

Please consider purchasing the app to help yourself and support

The Napoleon Hill Foundation

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