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Napoleon Hill's Handicapped Speech

Napoleon Hill delivered a speech about "handicapped people who bridged their problem by going the extra mile" in the 1950's. You can see his handwritten notes above. They were given to me by Dr. JB Hill, Napoleon's grandson.

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Fans of Hill know that his son Blair was born without ears. Despite being born with that handicap, he went on to live a full, active, significant life and touched many people. Dr. JB Hill told me that his uncle was a really good man who helped a lot of people and was loved by everyone he met.

You can see from the notes above the people he would speak about for his speech. They were:

Chas Ward (Charles Allen Ward)

Charles Allen Ward was one of the 500 people that Hill interviewed as part of his research. I do not know what handicap he suffered. You can see from the handwritten notes above the notation about "my book in prison library".

Milo C. Jones

Milo was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 35. While laying crippled and unable to work, he came up with the idea of making sausages using his mother's recipe. The company is still around and still making delicious sausages.

Lee Braxton

I could not find any information online about Lee Braxton

Arthur Nash

Best article on Arthur Nash I found online 

Henry Ford

I'm not sure what disability that Henry Ford had. 

Chas P Steinmetz (Charles Proteus Steinmetz) 

Lloyd Collier

I could not find any information online about Lloyd Collier.

Blair Hill (Napoleon Hill's son)

One of Hill's most moving stories was about his own son, Blair. He tells how his son was an inspiration to him, because although Blair was born without ears, without any normal hearing organs at all, even though his doctor told Hill that his son would neither be able to hear nor speak, Blair grew up to be able to hear and speak almost normally. Hill tells how his son, in his last year of college, picked up the manuscript of chapter two of Think and Grow Rich, discovered Hill's secret for himself and went on to be an inspiration for hundreds and thousands of people who could not hear or speak.


Point #1 refers to the time it took Hill to answer Andrew Carnegie's question about devoting 25 years to the study of successful people without pay.

Point #2 of course refers to Edison failing at 10,000 attempts to invent the electric light bulb.

Point #3 refers to the first boss Hill had, someone he chose to work for.