2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention (NHIC) Tour Kit

The Napoleon Hill International Convention (NHIC) in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia is being held very soon. It takes place from March 10 through to the 19th.

I received the official Tour Kit today from Pat Andreatta, The Napoleon Hill Foundation's travel agent.

I will be speaking on the topic of Learning From Adversity and Defeat on March 16th.

March 16th Agenda

Presenters Of The Day:

Controlled Attenion: Alan Chen

Teamwork: Jeremy Rayzor

Learning From Adversity & Defeat: Tom Cunningham

Convention Tour Kit

Happy greetings and warmest welcome to beautiful Malaysia -- the tropical country blessed with a potpourri of cultures and foods, muliracial populaion, breathtaking tourism spots and excellent hospitality services for both leisure and business visitors.As organiser of the Napoleon Hill Internaional Convenion 2012 (NHIC 2012), we would like to express our hearfelt appreciaion to you for paricipaing in Napoleon Hill Internaional Tour Convenion 2012

The Napoleon Hill Internaional Convention (NHIC) 2012 Tour is designed to take you on a delighful journey of discovery. Excite the five senses as we travel through five states in the heart of Peninsular Malaysia.

Day 1 & 2 Kuala Lumpur

Day 3 & 4 Cameron Highlands

Day 5 & 6 Kuala Lumpur

Day 7 Gening Highlands

Day 8 Melaka

Day 9 & 10 Kuala Lumpur & Kuala Selango

We will journey together with harmony and understanding while we explore the world, and visit places within ourselves to unearth the secrets of success as shared by Dr. Napoleon Hill. At the end of it all we will have made new friends, gathered new experiences and most importantly, found that every one of us have grown and now hold the key to a richer future.

Read the entire Napoleon Hill International Convention Tour Kit here