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Napoleon Hill Medallions From The Napoleon Hill Foundation

Napoleon Hill Medallions to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Hill's meeting with Andrew Carnegie have just been launched by The Napoleon Hill Foundation. There will be 10 medallions in the series to be released in 2018. Get yours today.

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about the napoleon hill medallions

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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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I am going to have one of the medallions in my pants pocket all the time as a way of reminding and encouraging myself to practice the Success Principles and to remain positive during tough times.

The first in the series commemorates Hill's most famous quote, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve".

In 1908, 110 years ago, Andrew Carnegie challenged Hill to study and learn the philosophy of success and share it with the world. Hill interviewed, in person and by mail, more than 500 people over the next 20 years. His books, Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich are the result of his years of self-supported work and research. Today, with over 100 million copies sold, Think and Grow Rich is one of the Top 10 Bestselling Non-Fiction Books of All Time and the #1 Business book of all time.

For fans and followers of Napoleon Hill, these commemorative coins will be reminders to you of the universal success principles you need to pursue your purpose and achieve your goals. Tie the feeling of the coins in your hand to your Purpose and Affirmations to program your subconscious. The more often you think of your Purpose and repeat your affirmations, the more likely you are to achieve your goals and maintain a Positive Mental Attitude. Having one of the Napoleon Hill Medallions in your pocket will give you plenty of opportunities during the day to program your thoughts, emotions, and subconscious.

Coming soon in The Legacy Collection:

Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that.

Faith is the starting point for all accumulation of riches.

Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible.

Persistence, Imagination, Master Mind, and more.

Ways to use the Medallions:

  • Showcase in your office or home and keep as part of your personal Napoleon Hill legacy collection. Each Medallion is a beautifully-crafted masterpiece.
  • Auto suggest Mr. Hill’s principles to your subconscious mind -- one idea per month.
  • Use in correlation while reading, studying, and applying Think and Grow Rich.
  • Give to others to inspire and motivate (a set for you and one or more for others).
  • Introduce your corporate team to Napoleon Hill success principles in order to grow your business and motivate your employees.
  • Use as sales incentives in your corporation.
  • Inspire the next generation.