Napoleon Hill's 12 Riches of Life

In the PMA Science of Success course, Napoleon Hill writes about the 12 Riches of Life:

1. A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

2. Sound physical health

3. Harmony in human relationships

4. Freedom from fear

5. The hope of achievement

6. The capacity for faith

7. A willingness to share one's blessings

8. A labour of love

9. An open mind on all subjects

10. Self-discipline

11. The capacity to understand people

12. Economic security

Notice that economic security is at the bottom of the list and PMA is at the top. So many people go around unhappy because of their current economic condition when instead they could focus on the other 11 riches of life and be grateful for them.

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Using his legendary ability to get to the root of human potential, Napoleon Hill digs deep to reveal how fear, procrastination, anger, and jealousy prevent us from realizing our personal goals.

This long-suppressed parable, once considered too controversial to publish, was written by Hill in 1938 following the publication of his classic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich.

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