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napoleon hill stories - david Page

As a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor I meet and befriend amazing people from around the world. I will be sharing some of their stories with you to encourage you in the pursuit of your life purpose and goals.

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about David page

David Page is the Business Development Manager at Access Computer Consulting in the UK. 

He works in the "Buzzing" IT Recruitment Industry and actively looks for new business heading up the Telecoms Division of this UK company with a global reach.

David is passionate about conversing with clients and prospect all on levels to understand the client's business model and direction whilst providing resource and consultancy in a specialised field.

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David's napoleon hill story

I came across Tom Cunningham's site way back in 2011 and subscribed straightaway, and eagerly awaited my first newsletter, it arrived and I loved reading it.

During this time, we shared occasional direct contact over various subjects and I am now honoured that he’s invited me to write an article on Napoleon Hill and how his success principles have impacted my life.

What a privilege, I pondered this for a while and took some time to consider what to write.

My earliest memory of using these principles goes way back around 17 years to when I was 23, I’m 40 this August. Actually it came to fruition at that age, I would’ve been about 16 when I first developed an interest in owning my dream car, a BMW 318i. (burning desire)It would take around 7 years from then for the dream car to materialise, I started of with a simple Ford, a vehicle most young teenage men bought at that time. It was very basic, but it was my key to independence. It took various accidents, many thousands of miles of driving experience and a lot of savings to get to the stage that I could consider owning my own BMW, and I knew at some point I’d get one (Faith) I scoured the internet for weeks, I had in mind the exact model, colour and interior I wanted with low mileage and at an affordable price. The perfect car found it’s way into my awareness just a few weeks later, and with the extreme generosity of my parents, (mastermind group) I was able to own it.

Next was when I was 25, I took the decision that I need to leave the parental home and venture out on my own, it was my Mother who first suggested that the housing market was at a point whereby I could find my ideal home, and after a lot of searching, I did, it needed a lot of work doing to it before I could move in but the one thing I wanted which I knew wasn’t even a necessity was a blocked paved driveway, this would be ideal to park my car and would eventually make the property increase in value with it’s feature of off street parking.

To achieve this I found a part time job which was well paid, although quite long hours but I loved the work and gave me new experiences. A few months later, long shifts, and lost weekends and I was able to pay cash for this luxury that I’d worked so hard to achieve.

For about 15 years now, I have been an avid reader, only autobiographies and normally those of people who have challenged adversity and succeeded, the first book I read on this genre was Andy McNab’s Bravo Two Zero, a personal account of fighting in the Gulf War and surviving. I remember taking ages to finally finish this because of the size of it, a hardback doorstop, and also because I only read it on the rail commute to work and back.

Since that time I slowly got into to reading more and more titles and now all these years later, although, unfortunately, I’ve never learned to speed read, I’ve now read dozens of books, in fact, I never leave the house without having a book in my bag and I’m always looking for another opportunity to read.

The first title I read along the lines of personal development was The Cosmic Ordering Service by Stephen Richards. My wife read this book on her iPad whilst on a car journey and was so overwhelmed by it, she read a few paragraphs out to me while driving. I knew I had to read it for myself, so I bought it and devoured it.

Along my journey of personal development, I’ve studied Dr Joe Vitale, Louise Hay, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, Richard Branson  and Dr Joseph Murphy. I am currently studying the work of Dr Joseph Murphy.

For Challenging Adversity, which I’ve categorised separately, I’ve read about Nando Parrado, Dick Hoyt, Bryan Boyle, Matt Long, Liz Murray, Wes Harding and Marcus Luttrell. Although, there are many other titles that I’ve read and enjoyed, these are the few that have moved me the most.

A few years ago I created a book list of titles to read which just keeps growing, with currently about 50 titles on it, they are added because of recommendations and through inspiration.

Back in late 2012, I made the decision to go through the whole of 2013 without drinking alcohol, I’ve been drinking to various levels throughout my adult life, be it lager, Guiness and whiskey. My preferred drink of choice used to be Jack Daniels and coke, doubles only, singles didn’t last long and I couldn’t taste the JD. Throughout my mid-twenties I went through a bit of a phase where I was drinking most nights of the week and excessively. I wasn't easy at all but I set the intention to do it and ensured that I was the driver on evenings out. Because my wife in tee-total anyway, I never drink alcohol at home so at least that was a challenge I didn't have to meet.  Family meals  out and summer pub lunches would be the toughest, however, I achieved it and didn't even have my first drink again until at least a couple of weeks in 2014.

On the career front, although I've done various jobs whilst still at school, my first full-time job since leaving school was in Business Travel, I worked in this industry for 17 years, realised my boyhood dream of holidaying in American with just 2 years and travelled to various other places in USA and Asia, so although I didn't particularly enjoy the industry or the jobs itself, it did bring those benefits for which I will always be grateful.

Being made redundant, out of the blue, I became a carer for my wife whilst she was being investigated for Epilepsy, circumstances dictated I could only work part time for a while. Then reality hit, I needed real full-time work and urgently. (I took initiative) I sat at my garden table on a lovely summer day and wrote the following on my phone: 

2nd May 2013 - I accept a job that uses all my creative talents and abilities. This job is deeply fulfilling and it is a joy for me to go to work each day. I work for people who appreciate me. My new job is in the perfect location and I earn good money for which I am truly grateful.

30th May 2013 - I received an email totally out of the blue from the MD of a local IT recruitment company inviting me to an interview for a sales position which wasn't being advertised on job boards and one that I didn't know existed. After an initial, very informal coffee meeting in a nearby coffee shop, I was offered the job. Just a few weeks later I was offered a job in a very relaxed atmosphere where I am self-managed and left alone to get on with the job. Using (Specialised knowledge) I've built up in my current role I earn more money now than at any time in my working life and I love every minute of it.

Going forward in 2015 and beyond, I plan to continue reading books, develop my career and enjoy my family and friends, by studying personal development and Hill's success principles to achieve my dreams.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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