Napoleon Hill World Learning Center Workshops

Like they do every year, The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center is putting on 3 days of workshops with some amazing speakers. I was one of the speakers last year and I thoroughly enjoyed the people I met.

Dear Readers, We have our annual open house coming up, as well as a summer distance learning program and a leadership certification this fall in Ireland.

The information is below, let us know if you have any questions as you make you plans.

2011 Open House – Discover the Riches of Life Every year the World Learning Center sponsors an Open House at our Hammond, Indiana location. However, this year due to renovation of the building we are located in there is no meeting space available. Therefore, we are holding our event off campus at the Lindenwood Retreat Center in Donaldson, Indiana. The cost for the total package includes overnight accommodations and meals.

If you are interested in attending you must register and pay in advance with Chino. You may email him at He will provide you with the necessary information for registration and an accompanying program of speakers and events.

Judith Williamson, Director, World Center at Purdue University Calumet

Napoleon Hill World Learning Center Workshops