Napoleon Hill Learning From Adversity and Defeat by Judith Williamson

Napoleon Hill World Learning Center Director, Judith Williamson writes:

Dear Readers,

The last thing a person wants to hear after a major setback is that it is only temporary and he can always pull himself up by his bootstraps! Have you ever tried doing that? It almost seems pointless. The sheer law of gravity prevents any upward mobility when it is done in this fashion. Standing on the floor, just try grabbing those shoelaces (closest things we have to bootstraps) and pulling upward. Ludicrous or not, the thought is still the thing – the mechanism is not nearly as important. The shoelaces will probably give way, but you get the point. You can overcome any adversity as long as you maintain a positive mental attitude and set your sights on achieving your desire. At least now you are laughing about it!

Many people have failed in their initial attempts to scale certain peaks, but they have tried and tried again until they eventually succeeded. Has the peak changed and become less of a challenge? No, the person has changed and eventually grew into the challenge. It was the next or subsequent try that the challenge was overcome. Our failures are learning tools that help us inch toward the direction of our goal IF we heed the lesson intertwined in the failure.

Recall how you learned to walk, ride a bicycle, drive a car, dance, and on and on. It was never spontaneous – but it was a series of steps that were imperfect and erratic from the start. Did you give up? No. It just took a decision to do it, time to practice, and the repetition of the action over and over and over again until your subconscious mind took over the habit and made it an unconscious action.

Think about it. Give your thoughts some space to mature and grow. Think the big, bigger and the very biggest thoughts that you can conjure up! Then find the action, the mechanism, that we carry you to your goals one step at a time. Who knows? You might find yourself stepping right into your wildest dreams. Ah, how sweet it is!

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson Director of The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center

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