Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today April 22 2011

In this week's Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today newsletter, the focus is on my favorite Success Principle, Positive Mental Attitude, or PMA to Think and Grow Rich fans.

I do not think that having a Positive Mental Attitude is the most important success principle, it is just my favorite of Napoleon Hill's 17 Success Principles. I believe that having a Definite Major Purpose in life is the most important Principle because that is what gives your thoughts, focus, and subconscious, the power it needs to work its magic. Focusing your thoughts and subconscious on one single task during all your idle moments allows laserlike precision for the 16 other Success Principles to work.

By Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet

Dear Readers,

Cultivating a positive mental attitude is like acquiring a taste for a new food. At first, whatever is introduced to you may seem too outrageous, too unusual for your normal preferences. But, over time as you are introduced to a new item you may find that what you used to avoid you now seek out. Like a baby being introduced to soft foods for the first time, initial rejection probably occurs. Later, however, the applesauce, peas, and peaches taste pretty good.

In all forms of learning we are like babies being exposed to new ideas and choices. Sometimes rejection occurs even before the trial period begins. People state, “I know I won’t like it, so why bother?” But, how do you really know if you won’t try it?

As we mature, our tastes change. Once I listened as a friend related the contents of a sandwich that she loved as a child. I had the ingredients, so I offered to make her one for lunch but she said “no thank you. I would rather live with the memory than be disappointed.” Memories can inspire us to action but they can also hold us back. If we decide that nothing will ever match up with something from our past, then we have already closed our minds. But, on the other hand, if we cherish our early memories but move forward toward new experiences, we have the best of both worlds.

What inspires you to action? What motivates you to try new things? What brings fullness and satisfaction into your daily routine? These are the things to be coaxed forward for a rich life. Try something new. Like a good cup of coffee, life should be full brewed and aromatic. A daily diet of leftovers would be stale and boring, and so is a person who cultivates no new experiences.

Decide to experience one new thing each day. This could be a new food, friendship, or foreign phrase. After all, isn’t that the purpose of life? Be green and supple, rather than discolored and decayed.

Be Your Very Best Always, Judy Williamson

Positive Mental Attitude Attributes by: Napoleon Hill Form the habit of tolerance and keep an open mind on all subjects, toward people of all races and creeds. Learn to like people just as they are, instead of demanding of them that they be as you wish them to be.

Recognize that love and affection constitute the finest medicines for both your body and your soul. Love changes the entire chemistry of the body and conditions it for the expression of a positive mental attitude. And love also extends the space you may occupy in the hearts of your fellowmen. And in this connection it is important to remember that while love is free, the best way to receive it is to give it.

Keep a daily diary of your good deeds in behalf of others, and never let the sun set on a single day without recording some act of human kindness. The benefits of this habit will be cumulative and eventually it will give you domain over great spaces in the hearts of your fellowmen. And remember: One good deed each day will keep old man gloom away.

For every favor or benefit you receive give an equal benefit to others. The law of increasing returns will operate in your favor and eventually . . . perhaps very soon . . . it will give you the capacity to get everything you are entitled to receive. A positive mental attitude must have a two-way highway on which to travel, or it will cease to function.

Avoid the fear of old age by remembering that the Creator so blessed man that nothing is ever taken from him without something of equal or greater value is given in return. Through the operation of this profound plan, youth is replaced by wisdom. It may help you to accept and appreciate this truth if you are reminded that the greatest achievements of men usually take place after they are well beyond the age of fifty.

Let your motto be: Deeds, not mere words.

Source: PMA: Science of Success. Pgs. 228 & 229.

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Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today April 22 2011