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The Napoleon Hill Foundation has a weekly newsletter called Yesterday and Today that I hihgly recommend you subscribe to. I also suggest very strongly that you also subscribe to the Thought of The Day. The difference between those who are happy and joyful about life and those who are unhappy, in my opinion, are the thoughts that go into their minds and, as Judy Williamson points out this week, the words that come from their mouths. The Bible also talks a lot about the words that come from our mouth. James, the brother of Jesus, in his book, talks about the power of the tongue and the words we use. I suggest you read the book of James and also subscribe to a Bible based Thought Of The Day and/or read Oswald Chambers My Utmost For His Highest. If you start the day with a Thought of The Day from the Bible and from the Foundation, you will surely have an amazing day.

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