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Here is a summary of a Napoleon Hill recording.

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Napoleon didn't know of anything as wonderful as having true humility of the heart

When Napoleon thought about criticizing anybody for anything - and sometimes there was times when he did have to criticize people - but always inside of him, when he found it necessary to express disapproval of anything anybody does, inside of him he would say "Well, God pity us all."

For the grace of God, Napoleon would be the man that he's over there criticizing. Maybe Napoleon had done things ten times as bad as the thing he was criticizing him for. In other words, he tried to maintain that sense of humility on his heart, regardless of what happened to him that was unpleasant

The more successful he became, the more he observed the feeling of humility of the heart, recognizing that after all whatever successes he had was due entirely through the friendly, marvelous, love, affection and cooperation of other people. Without that, he could have never spread himself over the world the way he had, he could've never benefited the people he had and he could have never of grown the way he had grown

Personal magnetism - that has reference to the sex emotion. An inborn trait of only one of the traits of personality which cannot be cultivated but it can be controlled and directed to beneficial uses

The most outstanding leaders, salesman, speakers, clergymen, lawyers, lecturers, teachers - the most outstanding in every field of endeavor as a matter of fact - are people who have learned to transmute sex emotion. That is to say, convert that great creative energy over into doing the thing that you want to do most at the time being

That word 'transmute' is something to conjure with, something to look up in the dictionary to make sure you understand what it means

You're going to make discoveries about yourself. You're going to find out that when you really come down to answering these questions and giving yourself a rating, that you have certain weaknesses you didn't know you had and that you have certain strengths that you perhaps undervalued.

Let's find out about ourselves to see. Just where we stand. What it is that makes us tick, why people like us, why people dislike us. Napoleon could lay his finger right on what's keeping you from being popular if you are not popular. You can do the same thing. Learn to analyze people starting with yourself. Find out what it is that makes people popular and also what makes them tick.

When you do that, you'll have one of the greatest assets that you could possibly imagine.

Going the extra mile means the rendering of more service and better service than you're paid to render, doing it all the time and doing it in a pleasant, pleasing mental attitude

One of the reasons why there are so many failures in the world today is that the majority of people do not even go the first mile, let alone the second one. Often times, if they do go the first mile, they gripe as they go along and make themselves a darn nuisance. If you were like that before you got into this philosophy, you're going to get over it very fast

Napoleon didn't know of any one quality or trait that can get a person an opportunity quicker than to go out of his way or her way to do somebody a favor or do something useful. Its the one thing that you can do in life that you don't have to ask anybody's privilege of doing it.

As a matter of fact, if you're going to be free, independent, self-determining and financially independent at an old age, you might just as well make up your mind that you can never be that unless by a stroke of good luck - a rich uncle or a rich aunt die, something of that sort - unless you form the habit of going the extra mile and make yourself as near indispensable as you possibly can

Napoleon didn't know of any way that anybody can make himself or herself indispensable except by going the extra mile, by rendering some sort of service that you're not expected to render and rendering it in the right sort of a mental attitude. That mental attitude is important

If you gripe about going the extra mile, the chances are that it won't bring you very many returns

Where did Napoleon get his authority do you suppose for emphasizing this principle of going the extra mile? What caused him to emphasize that?

He got it by looking around and watching the way nature does things. Anytime that you can follow the habits of nature, you're not going to go wrong. Stated conversely, anytime that you fail to recognize the way the nature does things and do not go along, you're going to get into trouble sooner or late.

There is an overall plan through which this universe operates and no matter what you call the first call of that plan or the Creator of it -no matter what you call it - there's just one plan, one set of natural laws - and its up to every individual to discover what those natural laws are and adjust himself favorably to them

If there is one thing that stands out above all others in nature, it is that nature requests and demands that every living thing go the extra mile in order to eat, in order to live and in order to survive. Man wouldn't survive one season if it were not for this law of going the extra mile

Don't render a million dollars worth of service a day and then expect to and get a check for it tomorrow. In other words, if you start out to render a million dollars worth of service, you perhaps have to render a little bit at a time and you'll have to get yourself recognized. While you're going through that period of recognition, chances are that you'll not be compensated for going the extra mile. Chances are you'll have to go the extra mile quite a little while before anybody takes notice of you

Always be careful if you don't go the extra mile too long without somebody taking notice of you. If the right fellow doesn't take notice, look around until you find the right fellow who will. That's about the equivalent of saying if your present employer doesn't recognize you - if you work for an employer - fire the employer sooner or later and let his competitor know what kind of service you're rendering. It won't hurt your chances a bit. Have a little competition as you go along

Nobody ever accepts a rule or does anything without a motive and Napoleon outlined in this lesson a great variety of reasons why you should go the extra mile. What do you think Napoleon meant by the law of increasing returns?

Substantially, the law of increasing returns means that you get back more than you give out, whether its good or whether it bad and whether its positive or whether its negative. That's the way the law of nature works. Whatever you do to or for another person, or whatever you give out from yourself comes back to you greatly multiplied in kind. There's no exception to that whatsoever.

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