Network Marketing Business Building Tips

A True Home Based Network Marketing

What if you could build a network marketing business without ever leaving your home?

What if you could build that business without ever trying to recruit your family or friends?

What if you could keep your job and build you business by working 5 – 10 hours weekly at times convenient to you?

What if that business sold a delicious, gourmet healthy coffee?

What if that coffee cost less to purchase at retail prices than coffee shop coffee?

With my business system, all these things are possible.

Lead Sources

The biggest challenge for any network marketer is finding retail prospects and people interested in building a network marketing business.

I have a few easy to use online systems to get people to request free coffee samples from you and to help you recruit people who are interested in network marketing but have not had success building their business.

Lead Source System #1

Our team uses my toll free number (800-870-8572) in their online classified ads. You can get your own 800# system for about $50 per month or you can use my number. The number is answered with a 3 minute recorded call about the coffee business. The technology involved in the system allows us to see what number the person called from so that we can call them back even if they do not stay on the phone long enough to leave a message.

Lead Source System #2

My team has access to a free Coffee Millionaire ecommerce system. This system gives you website links to use that have people fill in their details to request information from you, making them a warm lead. Some examples of the links are below.

Coffee Millionaire Home Page

Coffee Millionaire Video Link

Lead Source System #3

I use the Success In Ten Steps Ebook to attract people who like network marketing but who have not been successful at recruiting distributors.

Business Building Steps

Step 1

Email and/or phone everyone who knows you, likes you and trusts you. Tell them either that you have started a new business or a new job. Kim and I said a new business however I have heard about a large business builder who trains people to say a new job. Ask them to buy one box (30 packages) one time to help you out and get you promoted. You can also sell small packages (2 black, 1 hot chocolate for instance) for $3-5 each. Let them know that the company offers an empty the box refund. Drink the entire box and return it for any reason for a full refund from Organo Gold.

Step 2

Give a few samples to everyone you know and everyone you meet. One sample is for the person and the other for their spouse or for a friend. Tell them there is a cost to you for the samples and ask them to follow-up with you about 1) How they like the taste and 2) How it made them feel. When they follow-up, ask them to buy one box one time to test it more thoroughly and tell them about the empty the box guarantee OG offers.

Step 3

Go to sizzleprinting and see the cards on the bottom right for the coffee business. Find a local printer and get a duplicate of the card that reads:

Earn Money Drinking Coffee

Up to $4700/month or more

800-870-8572 Recorded message

Out of a 13 week pilot program run by Shane Morand, Organo Gold’s Co-Founder, testing 2 headlines and 2 subheadlines, the above message received the best response rate.

You can get your own 800# and system for $50 per month or you can use my 800#.

Step 4

Use the cards as follows:

1) Put 3 or 4 cards in a snack size baggie and tape these baggies in public places. Places like gas pumps, bank machines, public mail boxes, store directories in malls, back of stalls in washrooms, counters in washrooms, airports, etc.2) Place loose cards on counters in washrooms of restaurants, ATM counters, etc.3) Place cards on car windows in malls. This is not the method with the highest ROI.4) Purchase a self inking stamp and stamp post it notes and use them for car windows as it is a much cheaper way for that method.

Step 5 (optional)

Purchase a sign for the rear window of your car with the same message as the card.

Step 6

Approach every group or charity you work with, or know of, and offer the healthy coffee as a fundraising option. A fundraiser has the potential to grow your business quickly. Here are details on the OG Fundraising opportunity.

Organo Gold Fundraising Details

Step 7

Get online with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress and any other avenue you can think of. Offer free samples of healthy coffee to every person and in every online group. Enter comments on blogs that you like and leave a link to your Coffee Millionaire or Success In Ten Steps Ebook.

Step 8

Post ads on Kijiji, Craigslist, and any other free or low cost classifieds websites you can find, using the CoffeeMillionaire link and the 800#. On Craigslist, go to For Sale – Free and put Subject Free Healthy Coffee Samples and write an ad offering a few free samples. Put ads in your local community newspaper. It costs me $42 taxes included for an ad in The Mississauga News printed and online edition.

We would appreciate your opinion. Try a few cups of our delicious, gourmet, healthy coffee samples and let us know how you like the taste and how it makes you feel. Our coffee is infused with 100% organic ganoderma, also known as reishi and linghzi. Ganoderma is given to every cancer patient in Japan and has been called The King of Herbs in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. One of the main benefits of the ganoderma is that it makes our coffee ph balanced in the body, instead of acidic. That means you will not experience heartburn or acid reflux when drinking our coffee. Drinking our coffee also helps our Partner, The Napoleon Hill Foundation provide university scholarships to deserving, underprivileged kids. To request your free samples fill in your address at the link or call 416-414-9620.

Following these steps to build your network marketing business, you will have a steady source of warm leads to follow-up with. This is all done on the phone and on the internet and will take about 5 – 10 hours weekly.