So, You're New To Sales by Bryan Flanagan

In So, You're New To Sales, Bryan Flanagan wastes no time in instructing those new to the world of sales. He is direct and succinct, using as few words as possible to make it absolutely clear that selling is a learned skill and that professional salespeople are the ones who understand that selling is not about being a certain personality type; it is about being the go-to person, the problem solver, and the solution finder in the lives of those who need their product or service.

From start to finish, Bryan focuses on every step necessary to become a skilled professional salesperson. This work is the complete beginner ''how to'' book on sales. The economic climate of today is making the world of selling a viable option for many who previously never would have considered it an option. Here you will learn what all existing salespeople already know: a good salesperson always has job security!

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Publication Date: October 15, 2011

What to Know to Start a Sales Career

3 Keys to Confident Selling

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

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You’ll be the hero when you use Bryan Flanagan at your next meeting…

You’ve got a big responsibility when planning an event. In addition to trying to hire a speaker who will educate while entertaining the audience, you’ve got to worry about the logistics. Like what if a corporate leader’s message runs long? Or what if you have a variety of skill levels in the room? Or what about the people who don’t even want to be there in the first place?

Bryan Flanagan makes every meeting planner look good. He is flexible and professional enough that he can tailor his speech length at the drop of a dime to accommodate a previous speaker’s lengthy speech. Plus he can deliver a message that inspires, entertains and teaches everyone in attendance something new.

Regardless of the topic, whether presentation or communication skills, sales or personal growth, Bryan has the ability to teach the skills necessary for success. Bryan engages his audience. He encourages them to use their innate abilities. He educates them on success principles. And he provides specific processes to achieve goals. He is a triple threat presenter: he inspires, he entertains, and he educates!

So, You're New to Sales