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Organo Gold Featured in CBS MoneyWatch Article

Organo Gold, the official and only Partner of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, were featured in an article by Jonathan Berr from CBS MoneyWatch. The article clearly shows that Berr does not know and/or understand network marketing.

It also clearly demonstrates percentages and numbers. The article reports on less than 100 people who have complained about OG when OG has hundreds of thousands if not millions of distributors. In any group that large, there will be a small % of loud complainers.

In the article, OG is taken to task for wrongful claims about being a pending member of the Direct Sales Association (DSA).

Below are some excerpts from the article:

Members of the DSA include a "who's who" of direct-sales companies, such as Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Herbalife (HLF). Companies are given pending status in the DSA while the organization vets them to make sure that they operate their businesses in an ethical matter, a process that takes about a year. Organo Gold's membership lapsed around August 2013, according to the DSA.

"Less than 50 percent of the companies that make application for membership actually become members," said Amy Robinson, a DSA spokeswoman, in an email. "Many drop out when they realize they are unable or unwilling to meet the membership requirements."

After being contacted by CBS MoneyWatch, the DSA asked the company to remove any mention of the company being a pending member of its organization.

Federal Trade Commission records show that the agency has received at least 55 complaints about Organo Gold, according to a Freedom of Information Act request. The complaints allege that the company makes inflated claims about the potential income people can earn

*55 people complained out of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of distributors. That % is EXTREMELY small however, of course, Mr Berr fails to mention that.

Organo Gold is a so-called multi-level marketer, in which independent representatives can earn income both by selling the company's products, which they must purchase, and recruiting others to work as distributors. Although that business model has long been used by other network marketing firms, some critics have described Organo as a "pyramid scheme," a charge the company denies. Unlike legitimate multi-level players, operators of pyramid schemes make most of their profits by recruiting other sellers. 

*Another idiotic claim by Mr Berr! "so-called" is a prejudical term. IT IS A NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY DUMMY! ALL network marketing companies have been called pyramid schemes by a small % of people who are not knowledgeable at all about the industry.

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