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Organo Gold Featured in Canadian Business Journal (CBJ)

I arranged to feature Organo Gold. in the May 2010 issue of The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ). I am a Senior Research Director for CBJ and, along with OG Co-Founder Shane Morand, we arranged for our Editor at the time, Jennifer Sorlie, to write a feature story about OG in the May 2010 issue. The company was just officially opening around that time and, as everyone knows, they have grown like a rabbit farm on steroids as Shane would say. They are wll on their way to becoming the $Billion+ company that Shane and Bernie Chua envisioned when they started the company.

We gave Jennifer a sample which she really liked. After she spoke to Shane Morand on the phone, she told me that he is very enthusiastic.
I smiled and agreed that, yes he is enthusiastic.

The Canadian Business Journal is the official and only media partner of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The readership is third party audited and we average about 300,000 unique monthly web browser hits to the website.

I have been friends with Shane Morand, Organo Gold's Co-Founder, for over 25 years, since the mid 1980's. The first home I purchased for myself was from Shane. He was moving to a bigger house (of course). He has a great story about how he purchased that townhouse. Shane and I used to invest in real estate in the Ottawa area. We had both taken Raymond Aaron's real estate investing course and we took action immediately. I never partnered with Shane on any properties, however, we were friends and we met often to discuss our various real estate ideas and Master Mind together. It was my first Master Mind group. Shane and I also sold Napoleon Hill's book Law of Success door to door to businesses in the Ottawa, Ontario area. We sold the single edition, leather bound, edition. We would approach direct sales companies like real estate agencies, insurance agencies and car dealers and offere to leave them the book for a week and when we returned they could give it back or buy it for $50.

Read the CBJ Feature on Organo Gold here

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