Organo Gold Announces Coffee Concierge Sample Mailing

Organo Gold has just announced the Coffee Concierge System. This system will save distributors time and money and speed up the long distance sample process.

With the Coffee Concierge system, OG will mail, on your behalf, a sample package consisting of:

9 x 12 color envelope

1 Latte

1 Black coffee

Personalized Message

The New Gold Standard DVD

Diamond Profile Magazine

Postage Paid

Since I mail a lot of samples to people out of town, I know the time and energy required to do it yourself. You always have to have the package weighed to determine the proper postage. I mail from Canada to Canada, United States, Ireland, UK, Peru and Greece, so far. You also have to assemble the package and I design it more for less cost than to be the most impressive. The professionalism of the sample experience with the Coffee Concierge system will surely increase conversion rates from prospects drinking the coffee to becoming a distributor.

Find out more, and register, by clicking on the link below.

Coffee Concierge Official Site

Request Free Healthy Coffee Samples

Organo Gold is the official and only Partner of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and we would like your opinion.

Try a few cups of our delicious, gourmet, healthy coffee and tell us how you like the taste and how it makes you feel.

Our coffee is infused with 100% organic ganoderma, also known as reishi and lingzhi. Ganoderma is given to every cancer patient in Japan and has been called The King of Herbs in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. One of the main healthy benefits is that our coffee is ph balanced which means you will not get heartburn or acid reflux from drinking our coffee like you get with other coffees.

Drinking our coffee also helps the Napoleon Hill Foundation to provide university scholarships to deserving students.

Earn Money Giving Away Coffee Samples up to $4700 per month or more

To order free samples call 800-870-8572 (recorded message) and leave your name and number or enter your address and contact information at the link below.

Request Free Healthy Coffee Samples Here

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