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Organo Gold Coffee Millionaire Ecommerce System

The Organo Gold Coffee Millionaire ecommerce system was developed to help distributors generate online leads for their business. Shane Morand, OG's Co-Founder was the original user.

The system contains numerous Lead Capture pages for you to post online through your social media. These leads then get sent information by email about Organo Gold's products and business system.

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To understand how Coffee Millionaire works, think of a sales funnel. There are currently 4 different ways to enter the Coffee Millionaire Sales funnel and Presentation Tour:

1) Lead Capture Pages- Starts with a Lead Capture page that asks the question about making money. This is what creates an "Optin Lead". Great for sending website traffic and prospects when advertising. We have many many different pages for you to use.

2) Movie Page(s) After they put in their name and email, they're directed to the next part, (Movie Page) that explains at a high level (7 minutes) coffee as a business and asks the "OG 4 Questions" . When they complete this information, they will be phoned immediatly and told to pay attention as this is not an ordinary business. They are told to look for your email, to expect your call or even to call you. This is a great lead!. If you are passing out samples to people as you should be, put your Coffee Milliionaire movie page on the OG sacchets and boxes. When your prospect completes the survey, you will be instantly notified!

3) Presentation Tour After they complete the Movie Page (4 Questions), they're taken to the "Tour". This is where they learn about Organo Gold, our Comp Plan,our systems and our amazing Leadership. They get to read the powerful testimonials of other OG Reps and see how this business changed their lives.

4) Signup Link Once in the tour, they are encouraged to join YOU and of course, given YOUR OG Join ID and links! We have put together a very simple signup process that takes your prospect through the Coffee Millionaire sign up along with your Organo Gold signup automatically. Make sure you set up your Organo Gold details so that both systems connect.

1) Sample Request Form - OG is all about giving our Free Samples of our Amazing Coffee. So ... this form is a way for you to collect someone's information to give them a free sample. You can post this link on Craigslist, Backpage, your Newspapwer, or anywhere else you'd like and offer people a sample of OG!

2) Once they fill out the Sample Request Form, Coffee Millionaire will immediately call them (North America Only), tell them their sample request was received and that they should expect a call and email from you to confirm their information. It also mentions that there is a business opportunity they should ask you about.

3) Your prospect is directed to a page where they can register for a webinar and learn all about OG. This registration page is in your MARKETING TOUR ... which means they can click around, learn about OG, the comp plan and the company all on their own as well if you like. They will be continually invited automatically for you to our Webinar to learn more. At the webinar, just like in your marketing tour, they are invited to join you!

1) The Facebook Webinar is a way to reach out to your friends, … and friends of friends or anyone else that would see your post on Facebook and invite them to a webinar presentation to check out this business. The presentation talks about coffee, our amazing coffee business and how its ridiculously profitable. It's short and ends by giving your prospect a link to your Coffee Millionaire Sample page where they request a sample and you can follow up with them. This is Huge!

Retail Center This is your personal shopping cart website to send your clients to to order coffee from you. Charge whatever you like for your OG products and get paid directly to your paypal account. The Retail Cart also follows up with your buyers (From you of course) asking them how they like their products, to invite friends to try them and then it asks for reorders after 30 days. It also has a link you can include, if you like, where they can inquire about making money in OG as well.

Organo Gold Lead Capture Pages

Coffee Millionaire Lead Capture Page 

OG Benz Program Lead Capture Page 

Image Driven Lead Capture Page 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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