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Organo Gold (OG) Growing Network of Deaf Distributors in Malaysia

Organo Gold (OG) is proud to be growing a network of distributors who are deaf in Malaysia.

Read about some of their exciting stories below.

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At OrGano Gold, we hold no physical criteria to determine if you are capable of becoming an OG distributor or not. We do not care about your age, your roots, your location… All we want from you when you join the company is that you believe in our system and you work the plan to reach success! This task is even a bigger challenge for people who are deaf and need to communicate with people through sign language and writing. And this is why we would like to applaud the deaf groups in Malaysia for achieving success in OG and network marketing despite the odds!

Here’s an introduction from OG Blue Diamond Mr. Grant Ferguson, who would like to share the stories of the deaf groups and further inspire the world with what they have accomplished:

I was in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia supporting an upcoming group there. There I was introduced to Jimmy Wong and his wife, both deaf. I brought them up on stage and through sign language was told of their dreams and desires to continue to move forward with their lives through starting a business with Organo Gold. It was moving and inspirational for myself. At that time Jimmy had not signed up anybody into his organization and was struggling to find his first team member. 2 months later, after my visit, I was informed that Jimmy had reached Sapphire and within the deaf community all over Malaysia his organization had produced a Ruby and another Sapphire. I was sent a video of 80 deaf people doing sign language giving presentations in the OG offices which was amazing to watch. This is an inspirational story for all of us showing that anything is possible when we are willing to overcome obstacles.
Grant Ferguson
OG Blue Diamond

Here is the story of OG Sapphire Jimmy Wong, whose organization produced a Ruby and another Sapphire in Malaysia! His story is truly an inspiration, not just for the deaf community but for all of us around the world.

My name is Jimmy Wong Tee Ming. I’m 30 years old. I was born normal but at 4 years old, I had a high fever for 2 weeks and it had made me deaf (partially hearing impaired). 
I represented Malaysia for Commonwealth Games in diving in 1998 and Deaflympic Games (deaf Olympic Games) in swimming and won a bronze in 2005. I am a swimming instructor and I have 4 years of experience in this industry.
Before I [joined] Organo Gold, my Direct Sponsor, Mr. Alex Lim introduced me into the coffee business. He is my good brother but I wasn’t interested in this coffee business at that point of time. He has invested 20 properties and good knowledge in business but I was surprised why he joined Organo Gold coffee business. After he shared to me about Organo Gold, then I started to get interested in it and joined after that.
I joined OG because I found the binary system in the business is better than becoming a self-employed kind of business. I compared both my work as an instructor for 4 years and doing OG for only a month which gives the same amount of income.  If I give all my very best in OG until I’m successful, I will be retiring at an early age and able to take care of my parent and family, too.
I [joined] OG on March 2013, however, after a month of approach people out there, no one was interested. I failed because my problem is that I’m deaf.  Then I was down and almost [wanted] to give up. But my sister, Eva Wong, advised me. She said, “Jimmy, you are deaf. But you are not pitiful. Because you can use your brain, you can see, you can learn, you can fight and ever you can speak. You can’t hear only.” So I kept asking Alex to coach me on how to do OG in a simple and right way. After many times of training and practices, I finally found the success path and I’ve achieved Sapphire on June 2013! I’ve learn a lot [of] new things and keep learn more and more. Now I still do my best and I want to show everyone that the deaf can [succeed] in OG. Why do you think that you can’t before even start trying?
Jimmy Wong
OG Sapphire Consultant

Read more great stories about deaf OG distributors in Malaysia here

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