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Organo Gold KRGV Channel 5 Investigation Stupidity

Organo Gold is reportedly being investigated by the FTC according to WGRV Channel 5 News.

Read their report below and then my review of the absolute stupidity of their claims.

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WESLACO - CHANNEL 5 NEWS has uncovered more information about Organo Gold, which claims to be a "healthier coffee." The Federal Trade Commission, which was created to protect consumers from harmful business practices, has a file on Organo Gold.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS got copies of dozens of complaints dating back to October 2010. Consumers from Texas, Florida, California, Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi and New Mexico complained. Some of the documents we requested were withheld because "information obtained by the Commission in a law enforcement investigation is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act."

A bulk of the complaints CHANNEL 5 NEWS did obtain are against Organo Gold and its multilevel marketing plan. Some complained about getting phone calls from the company. The complaints submitted are posted below the article. The FTC warns not all of them have necessarily been verified yet.

The FTC is just one of the federal agencies looking into Organo Gold. The Food and Drug Administration investigated Organo Gold's CEO in 2004. He was issued a warning that his company was breaking the law by making medical claims that could not be verified.

The FDA does not vouch for the safety or effectiveness of Organo Gold.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture also has an open case against Organo Gold. They issued a civil penalty against the company in 2010.

Attorney generals in Texas, Florida and Mississippi have received complaints against the company. You should consult your doctor before you take any medication or supplement.

Let's look at their absolute stupidity with this report:

The article says that the bulk of complaints are against its multilevel marketing plan. What the article does not say is that multilevel marketing (MLM) is a major industry with thousands of companies using the same model around the world. It is a universally recognized industry and compensation plans. 

The article says the FTC has a file on OG. So? They probably have a file on every MLM company that exists and has ever existed. Pure stupidity again.

OG has hundreds of thousands of distributors and millions of customers in the United States and the article says they have dozens of complaints fating back to 2010. That could mean 2 dozen and the % of complaints versus customers and distributors is astronomically low. That % of people and more likely complain about every single product sold in the United States. We all know there are fools living among us and many of those fools have nothing better to do than protest and complain.

Unfortunately, because many people are mindless sheep, they will read an article like KRGV's and believe it. It is mindless rubbish. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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