Organo Gold King of Coffee

Organo Gold has their King of Coffee available for sale all the time now. Previously, it was available only every 3 or 4 months and you had to purchase $500 at a time. It is now available all the time.

OG is proud to mark the start of a new generation with the introduction of “The King of Coffee.” It is exclusively produced by OG. It is the only Healthier Coffee product of its kind in the World. There is simply no competition. Proudly featuring Premium 100-percent Certified OrGanic Coffee infused with 100-percent Certified “Ganoderma Spore Powder Extract.” It is crafted with the exclusive scientific breakthrough of “Advanced Micro-Particle Technology” that is applied to the spore cell wall breaking operation providing an unprecedented 99.9-percent purity.

To request free samples by mail, contact me at or fill in your address at the Coffee Millionaire link below.

Coffee Millionaire

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