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Organo Gold's Mahoganee Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

Organo Gold will be holding a talent competition at the New Orleans Convention. People will sing the OG Billionaire song an the audience will choose the winner.

I interviewed Mahoganee Amiger who will be one of the contestants. I voted for her online and I urge you to do the same by going to

Mahoganee has an incredible story about how OG's Ganoderma helped save her husband's life. Her husband had a serious blood clot and the doctors told them that the Ganoderma coated the cells and literally saved his life.

Mahoganee Amiger

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“Lauryn Hill with a twist of Minnie Ripperton & a (Coffee)cup of Janis Joplin.”

Mahoganee released her first independent album "My Life, My Story" under the independent production company "Beat Huztlerz Productionz" in 2006 after deciding to take a different road on what type of music she wanted to leave as a legacy and dedicated a song to her mother entitled "I Miss Her". Although this was her first album, her musical journey began long before this. Growing up in a household with her own musical icons, her mother, father and siblings, started her lifelong passion of singing, writing and performing. She calls the stage "her home" and says "music is in her soul."

Being born and raised in the small historical of Summerton, South Carolina has always kept Mahoganee grounded and has been inspirational in her musical endeavors. As an adult, Mahoganee was drawn to the beautiful city of (Seaport) Savannah, Georgia. This nurturing environment became Mahoganee's second home where she quickly began singing and traveling with local bands, appearing locally in annual festivals and art shows. Opening for Artists such as Glenn Jones, Tony Terry, Cherelle, Keisha Jackson (daughter of Millie Jackson), Michael Speaks, Michael Sterling, Mary Davis & the SOS Band. Welcoming her growth she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Local bands and the popular social hotspots embraced Mahoganee with love. This guided Mahoganee to perform live on the "Tom Joyner Skyy Show". Atlanta's inspiration gave Mahoganee the humbling experience of working closely with White House AIDS Advisory Council, HIV Activist, BET Rap it Up, Spoken Word Artist and Motivational Speaker, Denise Stokes. This project became the song "Good Luck" on the spoken word album entitled "Elevation". She was also given the opportunity to perform on the album "Fierce, Badd & Dangerous" with Writer, Actor and spoken word artist Kween. Still receiving love from Atlanta, Mahoganee collaborated with Christopher Alan Yates and her background vocals were recorded on the album entitled "Mint Condition". 

Mahoganee relocated to Washington, DC. In the US capital where she was a regular at its local artist venues, and released her second album entitled "Thoughtz of a D.I.V.A.", returned to her roots in SC and while residing in Beaufort, SC finally found a cause worthy of singing about in the company Organo Gold. After she and her husband took the entrepreneurial jump as Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Distributors they decided to open a café “Melodic Latte Café” with their healthy coffee and it was a success. It earned them a phenomenal front-page write-up in the Beaufort Gazette. Having Organo Gold health and wealth in a cup is now the movement and is the umbrella for their Responsible ARTistry Campaign with the slogan “Using our Influence as ARTists to Enhance & Save Lives”. Through their campaign they have established the Responsible ARTistry Magazine & Responsible ARTistry Café.

When asking Mahoganee about the impact of her sound and the music industry and her Organo Gold coffee, she expresses these provoking thoughts. She says "I am a part of a movement that will change and heal people... it is music to help not hurt and healthy products that are changing people’s lives and their mindset and opening them up to generational wealth. "She continues this thought by stating, "Music and words heal in an indescribable way and being a part of this means my life truly has a purpose. I am a part of a worldwide community that is taking us into the future to heal the world of pain. My voice is a vehicle for this. Mahoganee concludes saying "I sleep well at night knowing that I am a part of something worth living for".

Organo Gold New Orleans Convention Details

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