Organo Gold's Mark Wonder Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

I interviewed Organo Gold's Mark Wonder for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show.

Mark will tell you “Life is by choice, not by chance”. He is now leading the charge to help well over 500 people become financially free with this great profession known as network marketing. Mr.

Mark's story is similar to the story of the bamboo tree. Years of cultivation and one day the bamboo tree shoots to well over 6 feet in a day. His story is no different; it is the epitome of having a desire no matter the circumstance to be the leading example and voice that you too can overcome. His journey has been quite an adventure. No stranger to being an entrepreneur he launched multiple businesses from 3 advertising companies to owning two restaurants. His charisma landed him the opportunity to be involved with a local radio stations.

It wasn’t till he literally ran away with Ringling Bro Circus in 1992 that he realized his true gift to inspire thousands and eventually millions. Although he thoroughly loved Ringling Bros. Circus he had to transition back into the corporate world. He remained in the transportation industry for 8 years until the economy like so many of us took its toll and he was let go from the company. This was a tough time for Mr. Wonder and it soon lead to him hitting rock bottom. Mark was battling to virtually stay alive, with his addiction to Meth-amphetamines, trying seven different rehabs and was homeless living in a popup camper in his Moms garage with no roof.

Most people would of given up, but Mark had unparalleled enthusiasm and support from his mother Betty. He checked into a rehab for the last time February 14, 2011. This was a blessing in disguise because all he went through was in preparation to become aligned with Mrs. Casey Martin and Mr. Rod Smith (Former Denver Bronco wide receiver). He is 16 months clean and sober he has been steadily rising in OG accomplishing the believers pin. On July 17th he will be celebrating his mother’s birthday but also them being financially free.

Listen to the interview with Mark here

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