Organo Gold's Co-Founder Shane Morand Speaking at 2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention

It has just been announced that Organo Gold Co-Founder, Shane Morand, will be one of the featured speakers at the 2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia in March 2012.

Shane and I used to sell Napoleon Hill's book Law of Success door to door to businesses in our early 20's in the mid 1980's. We would approach sales managers, tell them about the book and the author and leave the book with them for a week. We told them we would return in a week to either pick up the book or $50. We were surprised at the small percentage that bought the book.

Shane has been a life-long devotee of Napoleon Hill's work. He will deliver a lecture entitled "Be, Do, Have!" discussing his experiences applying the philosophy of success in business and private life.

OG sells the world's healthiest coffee. The coffee is infused with 100% organic Ganoderma, known as The King of Herbs in Chinese medicine.

Their coffee tastes great, costs less than coffee shop coffee, and has tremendous health benefits because of the Ganoderma.

They are also the largest contributors by far to the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

If you are an OG distributor and you have not already purchased the OG branded Think and Grow Rich book and CD set, I'm sure Shane would tell you not to buy it now but to buy it right now. You can purchase it through your backoffice.

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