Organo Gold Open for Business in Taiwan

Organo Gold Co-Founder, Shane Morand recently announced that OG has opened 2 offices in Taiwan. They are located in the cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung.

The INCOME OPPORTUNITY and 4 STEPS TO SUCCESS presentations are now available in Mandarin for the Taiwan market.

Lead Generation Ideas

Organo Gold distributors have something most other network marketing companies do not offer.

Almost anyone who has been in network marketing knows that the biggest challenge is finding a source of leads other than your friends and family. Below are a number of techniques to get people contacting you for information about your OG healthy coffee business.

The first method is to get a toll free sizzle line with a 3 minute recorded message about the coffee business and some testimonials about the business. Shane Morand, Global Master Distributor for OG, conducted a 13 week study with about 20 people using a system developed by Beatty Carmichael using his GrowthPro system and sizzle cards. We tested 2 Headlines and 2 Subheadings. The card that received the most response was:

Earn Money Drinking Coffee

up to $4700 per month or more

800-000-0000 (3 minute recorded message)

You use these cards as follow: Put 4 in a baggie along with a piece of tape. Tape baggies on gas pumps, public mailboxes, stalls in public washrooms, etc. You can also place loose cards on counters in restaurant washrooms and on ATM counters. You can buy a self inking stamp with the message and put it on Post It Notes. Stick the Post It Notes on cars in public parking lots. Post the same message online on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Another lead generation system is CoffeeMillionaire. With it you get lead capture web pages like the one below. Post ads offering free healthy coffee samples on Craiglist and Kijiji as well as other free sites.

The 800# and CoffeeMillionaire link can be used in ads in local newspapers as well. An ad for three editions of The Mississauga News cost me $44 including taxes.

Another way to get traffic and interest in your business is to get a Facebook Fan Page and post news and tips about your Organo Gold business.

For more information about OG's healthy coffee and to receive free samples contact me.

GrowthPro - Beatty Carmichael