Organo Gold To Be Featured in USA Today September 23

Organo Gold is extremely excited to announce that they will be featured prominently in the September 23 issue of USA Today.

The article will be beside an article by Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki.

Pick up a copy of USA Today this Friday, September 23 and read about, "Why Direct Selling (The Original Social Business Model) Works" ! In this economy, you'd be smart to get a Plan B in place, here's a great Industry to explore! Organo Gold will be featured right next to the Article Written by Rich Dad Poor Dads Robert Kiyosaki

In other OG News:

Cirque Du Soleil to tell the story of Organo Gold at Project 50K!

OG history was made over the weekend, when it was announcedthat world-class performing troupe Cirque Du Soleil would be creating a special show to tell the incredible story of OG.

Currently in production, the show will be performed exclusively to attendees at the January Project 50,000 event in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Over 500 Québécois were filled with pride as VP of Sales HoltonBuggs and Master Distributor Shane Morand made this historic announcement at the recent Montreal Super Saturday.

‘We were thinking of who could tell the OG story in a world-classway and Cirque Du Soleil are such a perfect fit. When they saw what we were about they were so keen to accept.’ Shane said.

Tickets to Project 50,000 are available online and include a seat to this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime production.

Don’t miss out!

OG Branded Think and Grow Rich book & CD package

If you have not already purchased the OG branded Think and Grow Rich book and audio package, DO IT NOW!

Shane Morand has read this books since his early 20's. He has read it MANY times. He has read Law of Success by Napoleon Hill and that book is 1000+ pages. Shane has gone to a lot of work to make the historic partnership with The Napoleon Hill Foundation happen. Take advantage of his hard work and buy yours today. Shane might say "Don't but it now, but it RIGHT now!".

Organo Gold

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