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Organo Gold's Ulla Lorenz - Figure Competitor

Organo Gold distributor Ulla Lorenz is a figure competitor who has achieved great results using OG products. Her story is below:

My name is Ulla Lorenz. When I first heard about the coffee, I could not wait to have some! I had to wait too long, but it was WORTH THE WAIT.

I finally received my shipment with the Ganoderma Spores and the coffee. I was in the middle of preparing for the 2012 Memorial Day Armed Forces Figure Competition in Venice Beach, CA. I took the spores as directed because my friend had told me that it “melted the fat right off of her”. I could not wait to have that happen to me, although, truthfully, I had some doubts.

I trained hard and I did not know where I was getting the extra energy from. I was able to make it through 3 ½ to 4- hour workouts daily and I could see results. But I was still not quite there. I know I need to peak on the day of the competition so I wasn’t fretting it.

I flew from Hawaii to California 5 days out from the Competition (it was a Wednesday), which meant I had to start the competition diet. I still had too much body fat on me. I started eating for three days only protein (I chose plain chicken breast) followed by two days of sweet potato only. This pattern causes a chemical reaction of water loss and rapid fat burn. The leftover water gets sucked into the muscles the day before the competition. Also, I had to stop drinking water the day before.

Now, you can see that a person is pretty depleted and dehydrated on the day of the competition. That is why girls are only half aware that they are parading half naked in a bikini in front of thousands of people. In this case, the only thing that changed was me taking the spores and drinking the coffee. I lost fat faster and my muscles were pumped up bigger than the times before because they had oxygen and nutrients.

Now, the day my chicken diet began I flew to California and arrived at midnight. I was in bed about 1:30am. There is a 3 hour time difference. I woke up the next day at 6am PST. I had my few pieces of chicken and started a crazy work out routine of running up and down a flight of 12 stairs 30 times, did 25 push ups and 25 sit ups. I did this circle three times and added some extra squats.

During my workout I noticed how dirty the house was and I had a CJM planned for Saturday (now it was Thursday). I had to clean. And I cleaned for EIGHT hours!!! Yes, not exaggerating. The next day, I was still not done cleaning and had FIVE more hours (it’s a pretty big house). All I have been eating was pieces of chicken and 1 cup of Kings of coffee. I knew my energy came from the ganoderma and the spores.

The day before the competition, you cannot drink any more water. Just wet your whistle but not drinking. My friend recommended that I have a cup of Organo Gold's King of Coffee mixed with the Organo Gold Café Supreme in the morning and again around 1pm. She also wanted me to have a cup in the afternoon, but I was uncomfortable with that. I was thinking if I can’t have water, for sure I should not have coffee…

The next day, Competition day, I could not believe the results! My muscles were very hard and defined. It was the best result I have ever had. But the best part is, I had a lot of energy, I felt satisfied and not depleted and thirsty or hungry, and I was in a good mood! Instead of moody, grouchy, and cranky I was even tempered, happy, and aware of what was going on. I didn’t even trip with those 4 inch heels! This was the first time I had weak knees going on stage competing.

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