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Organo Gold Prepaid Visa

Organo Gold, the official and only Partner of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, has announced that they now have a prepaid Visa available to their distributors.

Official Announcement

The OG Visa® Prepaid Card is an exclusive debit card that makes for a great conversation starter.

To request a card, simply log into your OG Pay Portal account ( and click the "Request Card" icon on the left-hand side.

There is absolutely no charge for requesting a Visa® Prepaid Card because all associated activation fees are paid for by OG.

Once activated, your earnings will be instantly available on your card and can be used wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.

Rapid access to your funds: Credits to your OG Visa Prepaid Card are immediately available once activated, giving you quick and convenient access to your funds.

Organo Gold branded card: Show your OG pride and start a conversation whenever you use your card.

Use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted: You can use your OG Visa Prepaid Card to make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted -- in store, online or over the phone -- worldwide. You can also use your card to withdraw funds at any one of the millions of ATMs around the world bearing the Visa®, Plus®, or STAR® Acceptance Marks (note: bank fees may apply).

Manage from your account: Your OG Visa Prepaid Card is fully integrated with your OG Pay Portal ( from which you can view your card transactions, change your PIN and manage the Auto Cashout settings that determine how much of your earnings are automatically loaded to your card each month.

You may request a card by logging into your OG Pay Portal ( and clicking the "Request Card" icon on the left-hand side.

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