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Organo Gold - The Right Business At The Right Time 

Organo Gold is involved in one of the 3 industries that Warren Buffet say thrive in any economy. 

During the onset of the recession Mr. Buffet did something unlike anything he has ever done in his entire business career! He actually thrust himself into the spotlight and began talking more than ever and giving out advice to every television reporter and newspaper journalist that would listen.

He took out a full page ad in the The Wall Street Journal urging the savvy business people of America to wake up and realize that during this recessionary climate was the opportune time to position yourself for long term wealth. He spoke of the immense financial fortunes built during and subsequently just after the Great Depression and he admonished people to not squander this grand opportunity to change the course of their families financial futures!

Unfortunately, most people totally missed the boat, as he did interview after interview and went all over the country and world for that matter espousing the virtues of investing when there is "blood in the streets!" In his words, "you need to be buying when everyone is selling everything they have as cheap and as fast as possible!" He then specifically went on to give details into how anyone could amass a fortune quickly in the midst of the recession if they did this one thing!

What you ask? Mr. Buffet said in simple terms that if you would like to make a flat out fortune in the next 3 to 5 years then you need to position yourself in 1 of 3 recession proof industries that always thrive regardless of economic cycle. Those 3 industries are as follows:


Now to most people it seems odd that one of the richest men in the world would say invest your time, money and efforts over the next few years into one of these (3) key recession proof industries! Well coming from Warren Buffet that sounds wisdom but let's validate it with some social proof just for good measure!

Think about the last time you saw cigarettes prices go down, if ever! Probably not, I am sure. In addition to that, they continue to raise the prices with cigarettes now being as high as $8 a package I think. Funny enough there is a billboard that mocks the smoker who says he would stop smoking when prices get to X, whatever price you want to put there! Consider that prices continue to go up while the age of new smokers continues to go down with more younger people turning to cigarette smoking! Truly a recession proof industry however besides simply buying stocks its fairly difficult to gain access into this industry.

As with cigarettes, you will find many of the same similarities from a consumer and business vantage point with alcohol. The number of people consuming more alcohol continues to grow and more large institutional investment firms scooping up long-standing American hallmarks such as the recent purchase and sale of Budweiser. Unfortunately the average American business man or woman has no reasonable means of accessing or gaining entry into a marketplace of that scale and with micro-brewing still being a cottage industry at best that leaves us with the final industry Mr. Buffet mentioned.

Coffee! Lo and behold, our last industry which is coffee, just happens to be a $90 billion dollar industry that employs over 12 million people! This product which has been habitually consumed since the 9th century is quite the universal language being consumed all over the globe. In fact, just in the US, of the 340 million people who reside here over 75 percent of them consume on average 2 - 3 cups of coffee per day like clockwork.

You don't have to think long or hard for this to make sense when you consider that Starbucks grew to over a $12 billion dollar company without 1 single advertisement simply by word of mouth! That is huge and quite a feat in the current day and time but then how difficult is it when you consider the fact that people are actually addicted to coffee! We all know people who simply cannot function without their daily fix. 

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About Organo Gold

Organo Gold and The Napoleon Hill Foundation have formed a unique and historic Partnership that will generate a Billion dollar coffee company and become the greatest financial contributor to the Foundation by far and forever.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation get approached often by companies looking to partner with them. Until recently they turned them all down. The combination of the delicious, gourmet, healthy coffee and tea and the significant financial commitment to the Foundation, made it clear that OG is a company worthy of partnering with. At every event at The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center in Hammond, IN they serve their healthy coffee and tea. On the home page of their website they have their Organo Gold website link. Read about the health benefits of the coffee and tea by clicking on the link below. If you would like to receive samples please let me know and give me your address so I can send them to you.

Organo Gold Co-Founder, Shane Morand, and I sold Napoleon Hill's book Law of Success together 25+ years ago. Today he has found the perfect product, the perfect delivery agent and the perfect company to partner with. Shane's name is on the Collectors edition, OG branded Think and Grow Rich leather bound book and CD set. ALL the proceeds from this collector's edition go to The Napoleon Hill Foundation. That means all the money, not just the profit part. That is a serious commitment.

The ingredient that makes Organo Gold coffee healthy is Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as Reishi and Linghzi. It has been called the King of Herbs in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is given to every cancer patient in Japan. It is the highest rated herb in Chinese medicine. There have been many third party studies done on the affects of Ganoderma Lucidum. You can search them online. One of the primary health benefits of our coffee is that it is totally ph balanced in the body. All other coffees have a corrosive acid affect in the body, often causing heartburn and other stomach problems. You will not get that with this coffee.

You may hate to take vitamin pills and prescription medicines and sometimes forget to take them but how often do you forget to drink your coffee?

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