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Warren Buffet Talks About The Coffee Business

Organo Gold has the right product, the right company and the right timing for success.

Warren Buffet recently spoke about the 3 industries that always thrive, even in a recession.

During the onset of the recession Mr. Buffet did something unlike anything he has ever done in his entire business career! He actually thrust himself into the spotlight and began talking more than ever and giving out advice to every television reporter and newspaper journalist that would listen.

He took out a full page ad in the The Wall Street Journal urging the savvy business people of America to wake up and realize that during this recessionary climate was the opportune time to position yourself for long term wealth. He spoke of the immense financial fortunes built during and subsequently just after the Great Depression and he admonished people to not squander this grand opportunity to change the course of their families financial futures!

Unfortunately, most people totally missed the boat as he did interview after interview and went all over the country and world for that matter espousing the virtue of investing when there is "blood in the streets!" In his words, "you need to be buying when everyone is selling everything they have as cheap and as fast as possible!" He then specifically went on to give details into how anyone could amass a fortune quickly in the midst of the recession if they did this one thing!

What you ask? Mr. Buffet said in simple terms that if you would like to make a flat out fortune in the next 3-5 years then you need to position yourself in 1 of 3 recession proof industries that always thrive regardless of economic cycle. Those 3 industries are as follows:

Tobacco Alcohol Coffee

You can get involved in the Organo Gold coffee business for as little as $200. You can earn money by giving away samples to everyone you meet in person and online. You can do this business part-time without leaving your job. You can do most of it while working from home using only the internet and your telephone. You never have to explain your product to anyone because it is coffee. If they like the taste and/or notice any health "coincidences" and it costs less than the coffee shop coffe they are purchasing, it becomes an easy decision to switch their coffee.

You can partner with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and use the 17 Principles of Success outlined by Napoleon Hill as the training for you and your distributors. Napoleon Hill is the author of Think and Grow Rich, the bestselling business and personal development book of all time. Organo Gold is the only company the Foundation has ever partnered with. That should be more than enough due diligence for anyone.

If you have not yet found the opportunity that is going to secure your future and the future of your family, you owe it to yourself to at least examine this opportunity.

Start the process of looking into this business opportunityby ordering free samples. I will mail you samples from the OrganoGold Coffee Concierge that will give you all the information you need to decide if this business is for you. At the very least you can become a retail customer and drink the world's healthiest coffee.

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