Organo Gold Blog System for Distributors

Organo Gold (OG) is excited to announce that they have a blog system available for distributors to use.

I HIGHLY recommend that every distributor have a blog. It can help you attract leads and sample requests which is the backbone to your business.

I would suggest that you NOT write about OG however. I think that you should write about your passions and hobbies. I believe that most people who are searching OG online are already OG distributors.

If you blog about something that you are passionate about or a hobby that you love, people who love what you love will find you. Those people likely will not have heard of OG. If you offer free healthy coffee samples on every page you create, you will generate leads from around the world.

If you combine the OG blogging system with the Coffee Millionaire ecommerce system, you will have a very effective system for developing leads for your business.

If you are interested in learning more about the Organo Gold blog system for distributors, click on the link below.

OG sells the world's healthiest coffee. It is infused with 100% organic Ganoderma. Ganoderma has been known as the King of Herbs in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. There are many medical studies that have been done on Ganoderma. To find out more about its possible health benefits search "ganoderma, (insert any disease or illness)". You can also read about it on the US National Library of Medicine website link below.

Drinking OG coffee will ensure that you do not get acid reflux or experience stomach problems like people get with all other coffee. The ganoderma takes the acidity out of the coffee.

Organo Gold Blogging System Details

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US National Library of Medicine