Outwitting The Devil Recommended by Mark Victor Hansen

Outwitting the Devil is the Napoleon Hill Foundation's latest book. It was originally written by Napoleon Hill oveer 70 years ago. Hill's wife would not allow him to publish the book. After she died, the wife of the President of the Napoleon Hill Foundation would not allow him to publish the book.

Finally, after 70 years, it is now available and it is an amazing book.

Read what Mark Victor Hansen said about it in a recent email.

During a time when economic stability remains out of reach for so many, where do you turn for faith, inspiration and hope? Napoleon Hill's Outwitting the Devil is your answer.

Since the Great Depression, the self-help movement has influenced generations to incorporate personal growth into their everyday lives. I have dedicated my life to helping you find personal fulfillment and happiness. But, are you really reaching your full potential? What holds you back? Could fear be the devil that prevents you from fully embracing opportunity and succeeding?

Napoleon Hill, author of all-time bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich, and one of the founders of the personal development movement, was also quick to point out that obstacles may get in the way of you achieving your true purpose. I am excited to share that a manuscript hidden for over 70 years by Hill's family was just released in June in which Hill exposes the strategies and tools used by the Devil to keep his grip on your heart and spirit preventing you from achieving your full potential. He then reveals how you can outwit the Devil's influence in your life.

We have the opportunity to learn from Hill's most controversial and provocative writings in Outwitting the Devil. This book, written in 1938 and updated for a modern audience by best-selling author Sharon Lechter, has the power to emerge as the bridge between knowing the theories of success and actually succeeding. I highly recommend it to anyone fighting fear or in search of the next steps to success.

I hope after reading Outwitting the Devil, you find Hill's messages of personal achievement and fearlessness as enlightening and motivating as I did.


Mark Victor Hansen