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Patio Interactive Co-Founder Charles Bern Interview for Journey To Success Radio

Patio Interactive Co-Founder Charles Bern was interviewed for Journey To Success Radio.

Joining me as a co-host of the show was Peter Goral, VP Business Development at TechBlocks, a unique technology consultant located in the Toronto area.

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Charles is a marketing and business strategy specialist as well as an entrepreneur currently based in Toronto.  He began his entrepreneurial path when he has 21, running a speed-dating and social event company in Vancouver, BC. In 2007, in order to help his company get the most out of his tiny marketing budget, he held a world record speed dating event that garnered a large amount of free media attention. Since earning his MBA at McGill University, he has worked with companies as small as one person and as big as Morgan Stanley, as a project lead, tackling a range of business challenges. He is passionate about creating unique and engaging user experiences and has learned much from his time spent working in Brazil, India and the Czech Republic.

In 2011, he co-founded the Hot Cities Charity Initiative to raise money for charities worldwide by using social media to help connect traveling first-world students and their followers with real third world challenges. Recently, he was on marketing team that won Best E-Tailor at the Canada Post E-Commerce Awards and currently, he is the head of the marketing division for PATIO Interactive, a Toronto-based design and development shop specializing in branding and digital development projects.  

His company motto is “We live for the project” and his mission is to reshape the way companies view outsourced project management. He provides his clients with a hybrid approach of business strategy combined with specific digital and marketing deliverables such as app development, gamification, video communications or neighbourhood branding. He is also the host of the PATIO Interactive Wine Club, an artistic and social event held at the MakeWorks coworking space. The event features artists, designers, innovators and provocateurs and is aimed at helping like-minded people connect, promoting local creators, and of course, enjoying wine.


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