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penguin pick-up a revolution in retail on journey to success radio

Penguin Pick-Up, a division of SmartCentres is a new revolution in Retail offering a convenient option for delivery of online shopping orders in Canada.

Peter Goral, VP Business Development for TechBlocks, and I interviewed Egil Moller Nielsen, their Senior Vice-President and Head of eCommerce for Journey To Success Radio. 

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about penguin pick-up

As consumers continue to embrace online shopping for its ease and convenience, retailers are enhancing their eCommerce capabilities to provide customers with the delivery options they want. Demands from customers for more choice, more convenience and better service in receiving the purchases they make online presents retailers with an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Retailers, who haven't already, will undertake an omnichannel business transformation integrating eCommerce, mobile and network optimization to provide their customers with a convenient and easy shopping experience. Retailers can leverage their centres to help alleviate costs associated with missed deliveries, additional miles travelled for delivery and risk of theft of dropped parcels – the so-called last mile of eCommerce.

It combines the ease of online shopping with the convenience of SmartCentres shopping centre locations to offer customers a choice and give people more free time in their lives. SmartCentres believes consumers will find a good fit between their desire to buy online and take delivery on their own terms. It is Free, Fast and Convenient - you don't need to leave your car. 

Once customers register online, they will be able to have online purchases made from any retailer or website delivered to one of their locations of the customer's choice. Upon arrival of the online purchase, the customer is notified by email, text or voice. The customer then visits one of their locations at their convenience where their purchase is placed right into their car, all without the customer leaving the vehicle. Also, retailers will be able to offer the service to their online customers. 

The growth in online consumer orders provides an opportunity for SmartCentres to continue to innovate its shopping centres and fulfill its commitment to the customer to provide value and convenience. Currently, 95 per cent of Canadians live within 15 kilometres of a SmartCentre. 

To contact Penguin Pick-Up call (905) 760-6203 or email info@penguinpickup.com

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