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petspeak portraits founder andrea kahn on journey to success radio

Andrea Kahn created PetSPEAK Portraits to offer animal lovers a truly unique portrait experience. As both an artist and writer she brings something different and truly meaningful to pet lovers. 

Peter Goral interviewed Andrea for Journey To Success Radio.

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PetSPEAKS Portraits Creator Andrea Kahn on Journey To Success Radio from Tom too tall Cunningham on Vimeo.

About petspeak portraits and andrea kahn

According to Andrea, "DOG!" was her first spoken word. She recalls being pushed along in her stroller, gleefully noting passing dogs on their walks, and she insists they were like music!

Each had a distinctly different melody.  From her stroller rides she concluded what she still believes: “Each animal is different than any other: a unique and valuable individual.

Andrea Graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Became an art director. Designed magazines, books, posters, and made lots of art. Having always loved the power of words, she shifted into a writing career, publishing dozens of award winning short stories. Animals were often at the core of her writing, as of course they remain at the forefront of her life.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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Andrea suggests that EACH PET that has touched her own life has enriched it so very deeply, each in a totally unique way. She knew in her heart that No painted copy of a pet photo could ever capture that depth of emotion so she built started her business to fill that void.

"I don't begin a portrait until I see my own reflection in the pet's face."
---Andrea Kahn

how to order your pet's portrait

1. ORDER: Hershey and Lovie's owner emailed me with  a few questions about what size would best suit her home, then ordered her PetSPEAK Portrait online. We had a 30-minute phone meeting where we discussed her pets. She emailed some snapshots to use as reference and inspiration.

2. EACH PET'S STORY: Lovie was an adored, aging Maine Coone cat when Hershey (the chocolate Shitzu) arrived. Lovie fled to the basement and refused to emerge for FIVE YEARS! But now, after a few more years, they eat, sleep and play together. 

3. YOUR MUSIC! Music tells me what moves you. Before starting all portraits I learn what types of music each pet's human especially enjoys. Your playlist becomes my playlist during the ENTIRE time I work on your pet's portrait. 

4. PAINT + PRINT : PetSPEAK merges my traditional painting skills with extensive print expertise. I developed my own method of painting FREEHAND (NO PHOTOSHOP!) EACH brushstroke is done by by hand (mine) intended to touch the heart (yours). Portraits are printed on luxuriously thick, museum quality paper, ready to frame. (PetSPEAK Portraits also come on high-grade birch WOOD created via Fair Trade. Click HERE to learn more about wood portraits!

5. "EACH DAY TIME PULLS US CLOSER" is what I wrote for this pair, 
who took so long to learn to live together, then love each other.