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peter goral on journey to success radio

Peter Goral is one of the hosts for Journey To Success Radio and I worked with him at TechBlocks, a technology consultant in the Toronto area.

I interviewed Peter for Journey To Success Radio.

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about peter goral

Peter is the Vice President, Business Development and Client Relations for TechBlocks, a company designed to help clients of any size prepare themselves for the transformation in the digital world.

As a seasoned Sales Executive Peter has serviced National and International business with direction and guidance with respect to building and growing their footprint in the market. He’s adept at offering counsel in people development, business development, marketing, planning, and go to market strategies.

Peter is also a Mentor with Futurpreneur Canada and he’s currently assigned to help a young start-up team at a company called Protractr get their business ready for market.

He’s always open to hearing from people with new business ideas that are looking for a catalytic experience in breaking new ground and extremely generous with his time not only for his clients but for those young entrepreneurs that want to grow their  business.

Peter is an accomplished Artist, trained in the UK, and is currently showing his work across Canada. In 2011 he incorporated a marketing company ArtEnvy Inc. operated by his wife Jude who promotes his work into private and corporate collections across North America.

Peter Goral's personal specialties are in: 

Sales and Operations Management
People Development
Infrastructure Planning and Development
Marketing (Design Strategies and Implementation)
Business Intelligence Solutions

His Twitter Account is among the Top 100 Accounts in Toronto for 13 months in a row as of this month.

Peter has always held a passion for painting and drawing wildlife, birds and the people around him. Early on in his life, he competed locally in the Rossendale Valley where he grew up, winning competitions and the favour of those around him as he created impressions of life as he saw it.

Together with his parents and siblings, he emigrated to Canada in 1967 where his art, although still a passion, took a backseat in his life as he worked to support and help build a new life for the family.

During quiet times, Peter continued to build on his talent and his love for art until the Summer of 2009, when his creative juices were promoted to the forefront once again. 

Throughout this life-imposed sabbatical, he has maintained his passion for the subject matter he lists as "Life's Impressions". His stylings are made up of an interpretation of the actual subject using pallet knife and acrylics in an aggressive application that is fed by his high-energy personality, commonly introducing what Peter refers to as a "Wild Card Color" not ordinarily associated with the subject, resulting in vibrant, illuminated works that stimulate those that view them.

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