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Phil Geldart - CEO of Eagle's Flight and Author of Lead Yourself, Lead Others 

Phil Geldart is the Founder & CEO of Eagle's Flight and the Author of Lead Yourself, Lead Others. I was honored to interview him for Journey To Success Radio.

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about phil geldart's book lead yourself lead others

The latest book by Phil Geldart (CEO of Eagle's Flight, experiential training company), Lead Yourself, Lead Others has just been released as a leadership resource for individuals and organizations confronting these current challenges:

  • Workforces are transitioning: Boomers are retiring and our Millennial generation has its toes over the threshold, escalating the need for consistent, outstanding leadership.
  • Workplaces are evolving: building a sense of community with ethical leaders at the helm is increasingly important, particularly to our upcoming generations who are demanding leaders who model the principles they demand from others.

Lead Yourself, Lead Others is a unique fusion of concepts and tactics. It speaks to the need for control over our lives and future, as well as aspirations for personal excellence. In short, it's for all "leaders-in-waiting."

Eagle's Flight practices and advocates the concept of "leaders-in-waiting." This presumes that we all have the potential to become leaders in our own arenas, independent of job title or status. But this isn't a book just for junior employees. Lead Yourself, Lead Others provides foundational practices for the next generation of leadership at all levels, beginning with self-mastery over personal performance and development. Some of the key behaviors it addresses are:

  • Act Collaboratively. Communication, idea generation and goal-setting become collaborative and mutually beneficial activities.
  • Keep Improving Yourself. Life is learning and there will always be new circumstances and evolving demands. Our skill sets will need refreshing and expansion if we are going to prevail over future challenges.
  • Deliver What You Promise. We are all judged on what we do, not on what we say we'll do. No one's credibility will last very long if they fail to honour or become overwhelmed by their commitments.
  • Demonstrate Character.  This is fast-becoming the most crucial criterion for professional, sustainable leadership. Every day, it seems, we witness high-profile leaders, freefalling from lofty positions in all sectors across the globe. This breeds cynicism and distrust; but conversely, when character development is mastered it further distinguishes the true leaders who take their roles as behavioral models seriously.

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