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Pleasing Personality - 25 Key Traits by Napoleon Hill

Pleasing Personality is the 5th of the Success Principles taught by the Napoleon Hill Foundation in their PMA Science of Success course. This page is always in the top 3 most visited on my website every month, and one of the most searched terms that gets people to this page.

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Pleasing Personality is the sum total of one's mental, spiritual, and physical traits and habits that distinguish one from all others. Your personality is your greatest asset or liability.

(PMA)Positive Mental Attitude. Open the door and allow you to display your skills and ambitions.Imagine that lawyer presenting her case with confidence, gaining the ear of the judge and jury because she is distinctively self-assured.

2 Flexibility.Lets you to be able to adapt yourself quickly to changing circumstances and emergencies without panic or loss of temper is a significant skill as you struggle toward success.Having a flexible disposition means you struggle toward success.Having a flexible disposition means you must be like a chameleon,quickly harmonizing with your environment.

Sincerity of Purpose. Starts with yourself and you will steadily grow in self-reliance.It will strengthen every one of the other aspect of your pleasing personality.What better compass could you have at a moment you must demonstrate flexibility than a true and lasting dedication to your definite major purpose?

Promptness of Decision. Successful people reach decision definitely and quickly, and they become annoyed and are inconvenienced by others who do not.Prompt decision making is a habit, and it is supported by your positive mental attitude, which give you confidence.

Courtesy is nothing more than the habit of respecting other people’s feelings under all circumstances, the habit of going out of one’s way to help the less fortunate, the habit of controlling selfishness in all forms.

6 Tact. There is a right moment and a wrong moment for everything.Tact is the habit of doing and saying the right thing at the right moment.Tact is so closely related to courtesy that you cannot practice one without the other.It is an invaluable skill, just as noticeable for its absence as for its presence.

Tone of Voice. Speech is the method we use most often to express our personality.Controlling the tone of your voice so that it carries meaning beyond mere words is invaluable.

8 The Habit of Smiling. Don’t underestimate the importance of a frequent and sincere smile in making your personality appealing to other or its effect on yourself.

Facial Expression. Is another facet of an attractive personality that goes together with your tone of voice and your smile. You can tell a great deal about what is going on in people mind by the expressions on their faces.The more you learn to be aware of and in control of your facial expressions the better you’ll be able to interpret the expressions of others.

10 Tolerance. Is the disposition to be patient and fair toward those whose opinions, practices, and beliefs differ from yours.Holding your mind open to new ideas and new information is not simply a way to make yourself more pleasing to be around.The more intolerant you are, the more close off to the diversity of the world and to the power of the spiritual side of the mind, which can flourish only when it is ready to accept new ideas.

11 Frankness of Manner and Speech. Everyone resent people who use subterfuge instead of dealing frankly with associates.Truly sound characters have courage to speak and deal directly with people, and they follow this habit consistently, even though it may at times be to their disadvantage.

12 A keen Sense of Humor. A well developed sense of humor aids you in becoming flexible and adaptable to the varying circumstances of life. It allow you to relax and remain human in the midst of pressure, instead of becomimg cool and distant or angry and bitter. It keep you from taking life to seriously.

13 Faith in Infinite Intelligence. Faith is woven into every principle of philosophy of achievement; faith is the essence of great achievement, no matter what its nature or purpose. Neglecting your faith while carrying your definite major purpose would be like trying to study astronomy without referring to the stars. Faith’s power is easily attained by any person. No fee must be paid. IT is simply appropriated through the desire for its use.It is in the through that you make full and complete use of the power of faith to remove limitations from your mind.

14 A Keen Sense of Justice is not merely a tool for gaining material rewards.It enhances every relationship. It discourage avarice and selfishness and give you a much better understanding of your rights, privileges, and responsibilities.With it,every aspect of an attractive personality grows stronger.

15 The Appropriate Use of Words. People who achieve success do it by careful and attentive effort.Your use of language must reflect this quality just as astutely as any marketing plan. Do not litter your speech with curses, obscenities, or casual misusage. Instead make sure that you use words with precision and that they have force and power to convey your meaning with all the clarity you desire.

16 Effective Speech. Enthusiasm is the core element of any speech, for it underlies your ability to bring the above aspects of good public specking into a harmonious whole.It is very hard for listeners not to be affected by genuine enthusiasm; it is contagious.If you have sincerity and true confidence in your definite major purpose, you will have no trouble giving demonstrable feeling to what you are saying,and that is the essence of effective speaking.

17 Emotional Control. Building your desire for success into a burning obsession and embarking on your definite major purpose are the cornerstones of your efforts to gain emotional control.Each strengthens the other,and progress with one will mean progress everywhere.

18 Alertness of Interest. You must be able to fix your interest for as long as the situation requires.If you cannot,the other aspects of attractive personality will be useless.You can pay other people no greater compliment than to concentrate your attention on them when they want it.Listening well is an even greater accomplishment than speaking well.

19 Versatility. No matter how much you know about the field of your endeavor, unless you can display a general interest in the world at large,no one is going to find you attractive. Keeping yourself acquainted with the issues of the day and maintain a few pursuits other than your business.They will broaden your character and deepen your knowledge of yourself as well.If you understand yourself, you’ll be better able to understand other, and they will appreciate you more for it.

20 Fondness for People. Just as a dog can sense those who do or do not like dog, people recognize very quickly whether they are dealing with someone who likes other people.They resent those people with a natural dislike for their fellows, and they are attracted to those who possess genuine enthusiasm.

21 Humility . Arrogance, vanity, and egoism are never found in someone with an attractive personality. Don’t mistake humility for timidity; true humility is a recognition that even the greatest folk are,in the scheme of human existence,only fragments of the whole.People who are strong in faith are always humble of heart, and these qualities are always mush admired.

22 Effective Showmanship does not imply grandstanding, clowning around, wisecracking, or gossiping. These qualities certainly grab attention,but they are tiresome and often dangerous.Effective, positive use of the traits witch combine to form good showmanship will serve you well whether you are dealing with one person or a thousand.

23 Clean Sportsmanship. Win without boasting, lose without squealing, and other will soon respect you.Your outside interests are a good place to cultivate this trait. Flexibility,tact,and humility will aid you in its display.Let your manner always be friendly, no matter what the outcome, and people will be glad to have worked with you.

24 A Good Handshake. This is a simple skill, but is invaluable at first impression and every time a contact is renewed.Make your grasp firm and friendly, not crushing.Be direct and assertive in your greeting,and people will associate those qualities with the whole of your personality.

25 Personal magnetism. You should channel this energy into your efforts making them, not your body, the source of appeal to others. Use your sexual energy to build your enthusiasm, to display your genuine fondness for people,to burnish your style and tone of voice.Your gesture and posture, too will reflect this quality.

Based on the above traits, do you have a Pleasing Personality? What traits will you work on improving to improve your Pleasing Personality? What traits do you already possess that give you a Pleasing Personality? Who do you know that has the most Pleasing Personality? Would your coworkers say you have a Pleasing Personality? Would your boss say you have a Pleasing Personality?