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Positive Mental Attitude book becomes an International #1 Bestseller on amazon

Positive Mental Attitude: Inspiring Stories From Real People Who Applied Napoleon Hill's Most Important Success Principle was released on Amazon, in the Kindle version, on Sunday, July 25th and became an international #1 bestselling book in both Canada and the United States.

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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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What if there was One Power that could help you in All Areas of Life?

Considered to be one of Napoleon Hill’s most important success principles—a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)—is the one secret for extraordinary success! 

Welcome to a World of Possibility

In a world that is constantly bombarding us with negativity, the stories within will change your life. We’ve assembled authors from all walks of life who share their personal journeys with adopting and maintaining a positive mental attitude...leaving the world of negativity behind. Not just for business, this shift brings more joy, happiness and contentment in all areas of your life.

Whether putting a man on the moon, or building a company from scratch, to creating the perfect marriage, having the right mental attitude for the journey ahead is paramount to success as you enter uncharted territory.

If you are facing impossible odds, this book is for you.

Contributors to the book include: Dr. Tamara Tilleman (Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor), Brianna Lyons Harris, Jeffrey Feldberg, Alex Alfaro (Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor), Christy Onabu (Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor), Matthew Vincent Gold (Organo distributor), Scott Venezia, Rachael Dilling, Cyndi Bester (Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor), Peter Kamerman (Napoleon Hill Foundation student), Gary Burleson (Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor), Ann McNeil (Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor), Linda Nefertiti Patton (Organo distributor), Mark English, Antony Scandale, and Jim Shorkey (owns 7 car dealerships in Pittsburgh, PA and has read Think and Grow Rich 127 times, and counting).


“Rare do you find a resource packed full of wisdom of the ages and focused on helping you understand the power of your mind, the importance of your attitude, and the reality that you are more capable than you thought possible to achieve your goals and live your dreams! Positive Mental Attitude will super-charge your passions and desires, and breathe air under your wings to help you soar towards your own Journey to Success!” Chuck Bolena, M.Ed., President, Results From Thinking 

“This book is not just words on a page but living proof that your choices determine your path in life. Each one of these incredible author’s journey starts with their choice to be positive in their thinking. With their PMA they have discovered their Definiteness of Purpose as the foundation for their life. The focus on the purpose and following the Success Principles that were written about in 1937 showing how pertinent they are today. Following them with the right attitude, PMA you will overcome the bumps in your journey to success. As I read this book it was reinforced in me to stay positive and focus on my definiteness of purpose. Learn from these authors and follow your purpose and CHOOSE to have a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, live the Success Principles of Napoleon Hill and we will see you in the land of success. David L. Brown, Business Plan Answer Man, International Bestselling Author

“Without a Positive Mental Attitude, I would be one of the many unfortunate people buried in mass graves in Cambodia, when millions of Cambodians were executed by the Communist Khmer Rouge.

PMA helped me during my escape and journey to freedom in the United States and it will help you get the most out of every area of your life.

Every story in this book will direct or redirect your life towards your Purpose. Read it with a PMA and apply it to achieve your goals and create a legacy of your life.” Timothy Chhim, International Bestselling Author, Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Napoleon Hill Foundation licensee for the country of Cambodia Inspirational Speaker