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Combined Probus Club of North Oakville Speaking Engagement

The Combined Probus Club of North Oakville kindly invited me to speak at their meeting on Thursday, August 14th at 11:00.

I spoke at a club meeting if Bracebridge in 2013. My mother is a member of that group as is my step-father. Although my mom was out of town and unable to see me speak, my father drove from North Bay, about a 2 hour drive and my step-father, Trevor Appleby, was also there.

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Testimonials from my Probus Club Talk

Many Members have said yours was the most worthwhile/best monthly address we have had. No flashy Power Point or slides, but you could have heard a pin drop in that room. As you heard, you may respond

 “Amazing” when asked how you are, but Phyllis Inward spoke for us all when she said that “You are an AMAZING Person”.

Surrounded by complaining and grouching you certainly corrected our perspective by comparison with the availability of food, health care, housing and incomes in the Third World.

Michael White 

I used to think I was a “Motivational Speaker”.  I’m old now so that was in the distant past and I’ve learnt a lot since then.  This week I learnt even more.  I was privileged to be in the audience when Tom Cunningham spoke and I learnt what a true “Motivational Speaker” sounds like.

I was asked to thank Tom at the conclusion of his presentation and as I sat listening I began to wonder how I (the member who is never lost for words!) could possibly say anything that would express how deeply I had been moved.  Tom is only a little over five feet tall yet I was the one who felt small in the presence of such a large personality with so much dignity and charisma.

I think I told him that our Probus club listens to a speaker every month (I forgot to mention that we have been doing so for many, many, many years) and that I and everyone in the room considered his to have been the most moving and thereby most motivational speech we have heard.

I will not reiterate the content of his presentation; many have done that better than I could.  With all the difficulties and pain he has faced in his life he has found the courage and will to bear them with dignity, without complaint and by sharing his story with us he motivates us to appreciate the blessings we all share in as citizens of Canada, be we healthy or well.
We forever thank you Tom.

Phyllis Inward 

I just learned about the connection between Probus and Rotary International which is exciting to me since I am a member, webmaster, and Sergeant-At-Arms of the Rotary Club of Oakville.

I have spoken at the Rotary Club I am a member at as well as the Rotary Club of Trafalgar group led by Donna Messer and the Rotary Club of Meadowvale in Mississauga,

About Probus Clubs

The first Probus (professional and business) club was formed by an English Rotary Club in the mid-1960's to allow retired professionals to meet together for fellowship. (A sectarian Club was formed in 1921 in Connecticut, USA, but is not related to the mainstream of Probus.

The idea spread to other countries. Today, Probus claims more than 300,000 members in thousands of clubs worldwide, the largest concentrations being in Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although sponsored by Rotary clubs, Probus clubs enjoy autonomy once they have been established. Clubs meet monthly but have no attendance or service requirements, and membership fees are nominal. Members may and do belong to other organizations, including Rotary. Some Rotary clubs retain ties with the clubs they have sponsored, but the ties are informal.

The Combined Club of North Oakville holds their meetings at the Queen Elizabeth Cultural and Community Centre, located at 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville.

Q.E.C.C.C. is 4th left, approx. 1 km South of the QEW. on Bronte Road.

Membership in the club is open to retired men and women, who are interested in socializing with like-minded persons, participating in various activities organized by our management group. New members will also be asked to contribute periods of time to be part of the organizational or management teams to help with their talents to organize club events or activities.

For more details about the club, contact their Programme Chair Michael White at:

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