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Puneet Raman empowering youth in India

Puneet Raman is an Entrepreneur, Founder, Public Speaker and Columbia University MBA graduate. His purpose is to empower youth by bridging the existing gap between education and employability. 

I interviewed him for Journey To Success Radio.

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about puneet raman

He believes that every individual has the ability and responsibility to become the best they can be. That ability can be made possible for them through the democratization of knowledge and wisdom.

Puneet created an ecosystem that provides an education management platform to build social capital & create economic empowerment.

He has 19 years of experience in Sales and Marketing function, working at industry leading companies including; Tata Communications Ltd, Reliance Communications Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Procall Ltd & is now serving Prowisdom Growth Pvt Ltd.

He is an MBA from Columbia Business School MBA and an IMT, Ghaziabad (2004) India. 

Puneet Raman is working to bring a positive impact to the life of youths and their families. He invests his time, resources & professional network into education, economic empowerment and skill Development.

about is an education management platform designed to establish a valuable relationship between youth & experience to build social capital. We believe, there is no "shortage" of talent & ambition, however we need to guide the youth & our future leaders to "redefine" success.

We believe, one day "great" companies would not compete to be the Best in the world, but for being the Best "For" the world.

The purpose of our business is to bridge the existing gap between education (academics) and employability (industry), by supporting our stakeholders to progress on the path of achieving their personal and professional goals, in a structured and measurable manner.

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