Purrmagic by Judy Williamson and Michael Telapary

Purrmagic is the creation of Judy Williamson and Michael Telapary.

Judy is the Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet. Michael Telapary is an Organo Gold Sapphire and the creator of a number of products sold through the Napoleon Hill Foundation, including his latest project Target Your Success.

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From my earliest memory, I have loved and bonded with cats. Far more than pets, they were my friends, playmates and family. I feel a kinship with cats that I do not feel with any other animals, although all animals are sacred to me. I dressed cats as a child in doll clothes, pushed them in baby buggies, cuddled with them, and treated them as my closest friends. I grieved when one was lost, ran away, or died. The loss, for me, was greater than that of simply losing a pet. Do to my childhood experiences, I talked to my pets and they replied in their form of audible communication - meowing, hissing, or purring.

I quickly learned that they intuitively responded to my moods by being good communicators themselves. If sad, they comforted me with their presence, if happy, they were playful and responsive to my upbeat energy, and when overwhelmed, they purred me through the difficulties.

Cats intuitively know how to help. They encourage and console us. They lift our spirits and quiet our minds. They remember who we are and how special we are to them too. Because of my close connection with cats, I learned early on the comforting sounds of their purring. These caring vibrations came at the right moments of both joy and sorrow in my life. They became a balm for my soul that at times of trouble where the only thing that often carried me beyond the circumstances.

Because of these experiences, I shared my thoughts with Michael Telapary who is best described by me as a "meditative intuitive," if I can coin a phrase. We both concurred that a beautiful, unique, melodious CD could be produced that would combine the purrs of cats with his Native American flute playing. Together, we imagined the project into reality. And, today the CD Let's Purr Together is a testimony to my love of cats and Michael's talent as a musician and seer.

The beauty of the performance is easily discernible, but the magic is hidden in the healing and love that you will experience time after time as you listen, contemplate, meditate, and travel into the wonderful trancelike state that is created by the masterful combination of flute and purr. Turn off the chatter in your mind and turn on the CD. You will definitely be the better for listening and aligning with this natural masterpiece. Let's purr together and better our world.

~Judy Williamson

Purrmagic Creator

The Purrmagic Purrformers

As many of you know, cats seldom purr on demand because they have strong wills of their own. This proved to be the case when we began our recording project. Although we attempted to get several of my indoor housecats to purr, Charlene was the only one who cooperated, but not to the extent that we needed. But fate intervened. Listening outdoors to the other cats refusing to cooperate, Griselda, my black and orange domestic housecat wanted to audition. She entered the “studio,” placed herself in front of the microphone, and purred and performed like a professional! Charlene’s and Griselda’s recordings were then taken to the studio where Michael Telapary recorded his live flute performance. When the final mix was created, our first time listeners commented that this was a masterpiece! Thunderclap Studios, located in Hammond, Indiana, recorded and mastered the CD Let’s Purr Together with Purrmagic.

Order Purrmagic today. It is a great gift idea for the cat lovers in your life.