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Raven Blair Davis - Women of Power Radio & Author of Careers from the Kitchen Table

I met Raven Blair Davis at a weekend retreat in Indiana put on by the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center.

Raven spoke during that weekend and her energy was infectious.

She invited me to host a show on her radio network.

I really enjoyed the experience and it prepared me for my own Journey To Success Radio Network.

About Raven

Raven is know as the "Talk Show Maven". She is the Founder of the Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Radio network and also has won numerous awards for several different radio shows she has hosted. She is also a celebrity interviewer.

Raven has hosted several radio shows for the Napoleon Hill Foundation and their World Learning Center.

She is the Author/Creator of the Careers from the Kitchen Table series of books.

I am one of the people featured in the 2nd edition.

Some of the celebrities she has interviewed include:

  • Hip-Hop & Business Mogul, Russell Simmons
  • Featured in the Popular Movie, The Secret, Lisa Nichols
  • Talk Show Host, Montel Williams
  • America’s #1 Success Coach, Jack Canfield (co-founder of the Chicken Soup books)
  • Actress, Fran Dresher (You may know her better as “The Nanny”)
  • International Motivational Speaker, Les Brown
  • Marketing Guru, Alex Mandossian
  • Cookie Man & Literacy Advocate, Wally Amos
  • Self-Made Multimillionaire, Ali Brown

AMAZON Description of Careers from the Kitchen Table 2nd Edition:

Award Winning Talk Show Host (CNN & CBS Radio) & Celebrity Interviewer Raven Blair Davis shows you how to turn up the heat in your kitchen...without cookin' a thing! Featuring heart-to-heart interviews with some of the world's leading business experts and strategists plus over 50 business owners share their personal stories and unique recipes for success. This is a must read for anyone who thinks or plans to become an entrepreneur and run their business out of their home. You will find links to audios from the greats as well as true business stories from entrepreneurs.

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