Shane Morand, Organo Gold Global Master Distributor (left), Me (the short one), my MP at the time (cannot remember his name) and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. This was the first goal I ever wrote down. I used Shane's VICTORY book process and the goal was "I have met Prime Minister Brian Mulroney".

Organo Gold/Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich Travel Mugs

Order your Organo Gold/Napoleon Hill Travel Mug today. One side reads Organo Gold and the other Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich. They are $27.00 + $6 shipping and $3 of the purchase price goes to the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Organo Gold/Napoleon Hill Travel Mugs

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Hats and Apparel

The PMA logo was designed by Uriel (Chino) Martinez from The Napoleon Hill Foundation. You can order the hat or any other apparel with the PMA logo on it by contacting me.

The cost is $27 + $6 shipping.


Mastermind Groups

If you want to start, join, or participate in a Mastermind relationship, we need to talk. Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success will impact your life if you learn and follow them. Being in a group of like minded people will help you reach your goals quicker and more efficiently.

Lunch and Learn Talks

Perhaps your company would like to host a series of lunch and learn sessions. These groups would be interactive with members helping and encouraging each other with their goals and definite major purposes.

I would speak for 20-30 minutes and then have everyone in the group share to make sure that everyone participates.

I would love to speak to your group for 20-60 minutes on any, or all of the 17 Success Principles.

Phone Sales Training

I have made over 250,000 dials to C level executives over a period of 25+ years and spoken to over 5,000 Presidents and senior executives.

I LOVE sales however, with my arthritis challenges, being an outside salesperson was out of the question. I decided to sell on the phone and have done that in various forms for 25+ years.

I can design a talk or course for your inside salespeople.

One on One Coaching and Mentoring

I love people and love to help people. If you need some regular encouraging I would love to work with you on a regular basis in whatever way that would be most beneficial to you to help you define your Definite Major Purpose and pursue it with passion!