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refusing to quit written by 26 napoleon hill foundation instructors and students

Refusing to Quit: Amazing Life Stories About Transforming Adversity into Victory is a book produced and directed by myself, Jeremy Rayzor, and John Westley Clayton. 

The book is co-authored by 26 Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructors and Students from more than 10 countries.


about refusing to quit

The co-authors of Refusing To Quit will be leading weekly, online, video mastermind groups. When you purchase a copy of the book you will be entitled to join a group for free for 4 weeks. If you decide to stay in the group after 4 weeks there will be a fee which is yet to be determined.

The authors from the book, their country of birth and title chapters are:

Three Warning Signs written by Tim Chhim - originally from Cambodia and now living in the U.S.

Achieving Togetherness with Your Family by Jeremy Rayzor from the United States

Learning Teamwork Through Play by Vayu Yamada

My God Given Desire To Live: From Surviving To Wealthy Living by Ruth Neslo from the Netherlands

Using PMA To Live Positively With Chronic and Never-Ending Pain by me from Canada

Life is About Choices. What Do You Choose by Marianne Noad from Canada

Standing Strong on The Wings of My Dreams by Shadiya Zackaria from Sri Lanka

Building A Solid Spiritual Foundation That Will Never Fail You by Taylor Tagg from the United States

Living Within The Affirmation by Colin Gilmartin from the United States

The Power of A Definite Major Purpose by Eduard Lopez

Work Your Dream by Codruta Bala from Romania

Why Wouldn't You by Chuck DeWayne from the United States

How I Became A Rock Star by John Westley Clayton from the United States

Changing My Life by Aristoteles Nielsen from Argentina

From Desperation To Inspiration by Sandra Ruiz from the United States

PMA. All Day. Every Day by Dave Doyle from Canada

Walking With Faith by Christy Onabu from Nigeria

Awaken Your Mind by Samuel Standley from Nigeria

Without A Compass by Michelle Casey from the United States

A Positive Mental Attitude Through Adversity by Shannon McVagh-Janz from Canada

When The Student Is Ready...The Teacher Will Appear by Alexander Alfaro from the United States

You Matter: Mind Your Mind by Brenda Dear from the United States

Eradicating Poverty In Nigeria Via The Propagation And Adoption of Napoleon Hill's Success Principles by Ore Ohimor from Nigeria

Where's The Seed by Tami Jackson from the United States

Meta-Dream Brings A New Intelligence To Change The World by Takeshi Umemura from Japan

Improving The World Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Hillary Vargas from the United States