Rick Gettle Hosts The Carnegie Secret Webinar

Rick Gettle is the last identified protege of Napoleon Hill. He hosts a webinar titled The Carnegie Secret where he reveals what the Secret really is.

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You are NOT Alone!

Are you worried? Are you anxious about these tough economic times? Are you ready to take control? You don't have to try to make it happen all alone. In fact, working alone almost never works. You need the support of people around you. You need to surround yourself with the right people!

Imagine a powerful group of entrepreneurs gathering with you every week online to help you stay focused and constantly moving toward your dreams. Being involved in a mastermind group gives you the power of the pack.....You Are No Longer The Lone Wolf! Let the pack watch your back! Click on the picture to begin the process. Sign up for our powerful webinar "The Carnegie Secret" in which Napoleon Hill's last identified protege, Rick Gettle, reveals what the Secret really is...No more guessing! Registering for and attending this webinar will transform your life.

MasterMind To Personal Power works with Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success and teaches people these principles when they join a MasterMind group.

The MasterMind groups work to help each member reach their goals and pursue their Definite Purpose, the most important of the 17 Principles of Success.

They work with a powerful curriculum, powerful facilitators and the POWER of the MasterMind.

Each member of the MasterMind group meets weekly for an hour. The lessons are short but complete and help prepare you to lead your own MasterMind group

If you would are interested in joining a MasterMind group, visit the link below for details.

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